The understanding of a curriculum vitae in Nigeria is largely a very wrong one, no thanks to the mentality that reigns among the people. An average Nigerian believes a curriculum vitae to be a paper that states ones personal details as well as a list of places where one has worked and that’s all. When one runs a check on almost all the CVs you will come across, you will notice a reputation of almost the same thing with little or nothing that will attract you to see vision and creativity. This mentality makes a lot of employers to find it hard to recruit Nigerian graduates and even if they do, they will have to spend money to train and because of the mentality, the training obtained remains as it is or even gets diminished for all of the period the person needs to stay employed in the Organization. This whole mentality is a result of the mentality that people simply go to universities to collect paper certificates so as to get a job and collect salaries and/or steal money alongside so he can buy a vehicle and move around the neighborhood forming ‘chairman’. This mentality is highly regrettable and largely an indication of the reason why robust human resource is hard to come by, it also snowballs to show reasons why the productivity of the country is very low. There certainly has to be a reorientation on this very critical sector and this has to do with a deliberate effort and program by the government to change the mentality of people through strengthening of institutions with the few develops individuals who will in turn drive the new thoughts. 
A curriculum vitae is suppose to be a mirror that showcases who you are in terms of thoughts and progressiveness. It is not enough for you to list a number of jobs or job you have partook in, it is important for you to itemize and showcase those special contributions you have made while executing those jobs. There should also be a showcase of your strength outside your chosen profession, e.g you could be a good talker or writer or even a shy individual etc. How much of research you have made to some critical issues of life should also be a highlight therein. What about your visions and dreams? What about things you live to change in your environment? Do you think of latest inventions as regards your profession? What are your entrepreneurial skills? All these and many others can make your CV robust enough to make people want to get interested  in you so as to contribute and add value to their ventures. Every right thinking person should’ve thinking of how his/her involvement in a system should automatically change the face of the venture and it should be clear that it was your contributions that ensured so. Furthermore, preparation of such detailed CV will change your mentality permanently to that of progressive and visionary people. Being a graduate nowadays is not enough, skills are much more important to people nowadays, value addition is what most employers are looking for in the ever decreasing resource world. 
Consequent upon the above, there is a need for change of thoughts as to the reasons why people go to school and what it should be utilized for. You must learn how to package yourself and make yourself a sellable commodity and most times you don’t necessarily need to work anywhere to actual use this, a simple research will do. Read and seek for knowledge, register for all those small courses and career coaching classes. Open yourself to learning from superior ideas. Do not argue or listen to answer just because you want to act like you know too much. When you understand the need to package and develop a sellable curriculum vitae, you stand a very good chance of contributing appropriately to the development of the human race and this will be in obedience to your responsibilities to God. 
Hashim Suleiman