Ordinarily, a criminal suspect like Mr. Ayo Fayose, the governor of Ekiti state should be ignored by decent people. I actually began to doubt the mental sanity of the governor when he said that the Chibok girls were never abducted and that their parents were pretending. Since then I have learnt to pity and pray for the governor while sympathising with Ekiti people who have the misfortune of being ruled by such a lousy character. But because he has been left by President to continue to fool himself, the likes of Pastor Addboye are being recruited to sing the praises of the very corrupt governor.
Mr. Fayose has just condemned the anti corruption fight of the federal government. As far as the governor is concerned, President Buhari is not fighting corruption but his political foes. But Mr. Fayose has failed to point to any corrupt person arrested by the anti graft agencies under the present administration without any evidence of corruption and fraud. Even though Governor Fayose is presently enjoying constitutional immunity his agents who were arrested have admitted that they collected N2.5 billion from ex-minister of state in the ministry of defense, Musiliu Obanikoro.

The former minister who initially ran to the United States of America has returned to Nigeria. In his comprehensive statement to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Obanikoro confessed that he collected the sum of N2.5 billion for Mr. Fayose from the office of the National Security Adviser under retired Colonel Sambo Dasuki. That was part of the $2.1 billion set aside by the federal government to buy military weapons to fight Boko Haram and other terrorists. Instead of denying the serious allegation of corruption Mr. Fayose has been parading himself as an ‘opposition leader.’ This fellow must think that Nigerians are fools to be hoodwinked by a vagabond in power like himself, apology to the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

A permanent secretary has just been arrested with 47 SUVs and 100 motorcycles bought from the sum of N27 billion stolen from the retirement entitlements of dead PHCN workers. Others have confessed that they stole money budgeted for building hospitals, roads and schools for our children. And Fayose wants Nigerians to overlook such wicked crooks and heartless criminals. Does the governor know how many people have lost their lives in our abandoned hospitals and on our dangerous roads? What of the millions of our children that are out of schools? Just because the limes of Fayose stole the billions of Naira for equipping hospitals, fixing roads and building schools.

Was it not under People’s Democratic Party’s Presidents that all former governors including Mr. Fayose were charged to court for stealing billions of Naira. In his own case Mr. Fayose was charged to court in 2006 under President Olusegun Obasanjo for stealing N1.2 billion through a poultry scam. Was he not also charged to court by the police for the killing of Dr. Ayo Daramola, Tunde Omojola and others in Ekiti state during his first term as a governor? Has Mr. Fayose forgotten that Mr. Lere Olayinka, his current Media aide called the police to arrest and prosecute Mr. Fayose for assassinating innocent people in Ekiti state?

Since the memory of the highly corrupt governor is very short we wish to remind him that the over 20 former governors who are standing trial in many courts were charged to court by the previous regimes. Even under President Jonathan, former governors like Silva, Ladoja, Daniel and others were charged to court. Was it not under President Jonathan that former governor of Delta state, Chief James Ibori escaped from Nigeria only to be arrested in Dubai and deported to London for trial? Was it not President Jonathan that pardoned his former boss, Chief DSP Alamieyesigha who was jailed by the Obasanjo government?

In all the cases I have mentioned were we not told by the likes of Fayose that the big time crooks were charged to court for political reasons even though none of them tried to defend the billions of Naira stolen by them? Let Mr. Fayose continue to deceive himself. Unlike when he ran away after his impeachment in 2006 we Ekiti youths will not allow him and his fellow corrupt elements to escape this time around. All those who have stolen public fund must be tried and jailed with orders to return out stolen wealth.

Now Enough is enough