A serving Secretary to a government that prides itself as allergic to corruption, Lawal Bachir a.k.a the grass-cutter, approved the contracts of 270million naira just to cut grasses growing around hunger-ravaged IDPs, awarded the said contract to himself and yet failed to execute it, according to the testimony of Yobe State govt chief scribe.
How did this financial terrorist Grasscutter defend his action?
He claimed what he budgeted the 270million for was not ordinary grasses but ‘Invasive Plant Specie’. Just like when you want to steal from your illiterate father, you ask him for money to buy ‘Oryza sativa’ which is just the scientific name for rice but seeing as Oryza Sativa sounds big and would most likely confuse your old man and make him think you need so much money to purchase such a high sounding item, you will use the name instead of saying ordinary ‘rice’. That is you learning how to be a crook.
And what was the reaction of the same govt which claims to be of distant relation with corruption??
Wait. I will tell you:
The office of the President wrote a very long letter defending this grass cutter Secretary Bachir who stole from no other people than the IDPs. In the letter, President Muhammadu Buhari made it clear that Mr Grasscutter had no case to answer. This letter was submitted to the Senate by the Attorney general of the federation. Recall that the same govt conducted the fastest investigation in the history of any govt when it cleared the army Chief a.k.a Dubai landlord of corruption within 24hours.
And Mr Grasscutter carried on with his grass-cutting ministry as though nothing happened. Last month, the Senator Sani Shehu led committee on the NorthEast found that this same Grasscutter had awarded contracts worth billions of naira to about 20 non-existent companies. The Grasscutter did not just refuse to appear before the senate, he carried on with his grass cutting activities with supreme impunity and Buhari-like arrogance.
Then, suddenly, a statement was issued by a certain Asorock chief ‘Abobaku’ known as Femi Adesina to the effect that the No-Where-To-Be-Found President Buhari has approved the suspension of this Grasscutter govt secretary Bachir and has ordered that he be investigated by a committee made up of Vice President, NSA and the same Attorney General who had earlier defended him in a letter written in the name of President Buhari.
And supposedly educated Nigerians are singing ‘Kumbaya’ and heaping  praises on the President?????
Meanwhile, apart from the bunch of political terrorists masquerading as the Cabal, no Nigerian can say for a fact what the status of their number 1 employee is. Whether he is dead, alive, incapacitated, on wheelchair, or bed-ridden, Nigerians who are the employers of this president do not know. Even the clowns masquerading as the president,s media aides are not cognizant of the true status of the man whose mouthpiece they claim to be. They themselves are glorified robots. They simply happen to be in the higher chain.
Your president did not attend last week’s Federal Executive Council Meeting. A certain integrity-challenged buffoon by the name Liar Muhammed who doubles as the information minister told you your employee is too busy to attend the most important govt weekly meeting called FEC. This Wednesday again, the same President was not at FEC meeting.
To keep you busy like the horde of idiots they take you for, they announced the suspension of the same man they have earlier sworn by the 7 gods was innocent.
And like a horde of idiots, you are now busy singing ‘Hossana To The President’ for supposedly suspending the same man he had vehemently defended.
You are not demanding for the whereabout of the man whose feeding, clothing, accommodations and every other expenses you are catering for including those of his family??

You are not worried that ever since a certain shadow that looks like your president was brought back after 50 days of intensive medical attention abroad, your president has not deemed it necessary to address you, his employers??
You keep hearing: “The president said this, the president said that” And you have never wondered if it was really your president saying all that or some other people have taken over power through the backdoor??
When last did you see or hear your president speak to journalists?? When last did you see your president speaking live on Television??
What do you even know about the status of the man you call your president?
Can any of you say for a fact who is in charge of the affairs of this country at the moment??
Why are you not asking the right questions? 
Why are you not looking beyond the surface?
Why have you refused to look beyond what these destiny rapists want you to see and see that which they want to keep you from seeing??
Of what use is our education if we can not think for ourselves??
It is indeed a very sad day when supposedly well lettered men decide to let their brain secede from the rest of their body for no just cause.
This would be fantastically funny if it wasn’t such a crying shame.
It is a joke, all the same. A very terrible joke.
The joke is neither on the Daura-born ex-soldier called Muhammadu Buhari nor the financial terrorist known as the Grasscutter. The joke is not even on the products of Quota System known as the Cabal currently ruining our collective destiny.
The joke is on us!
Yes, the joke is you and I who despite laying claim to number-less Degrees and a near perfect appreciation of the Queen’s language, we still ended up being fooled by some poorly lettered cavemen who would go to any length to acquire and keep political power.
Quite frankly, here in Nigeria, education is hugely over-rated.
Our eduaction is an insult to knowledge. Our wisdom, an affront to common sense.
There is no task more tedious than educating a man who is not even aware of his own ignorance. 
Charles Ogbu