While Jonathan Flirts with Danger! By Alex Kabba

In Nigeria today, all the years of living a fake ostrich life has
now come to haunt the country. Today, as I travelled the
country, from Lagos to Ibadan, Onitsha, Abuja and Warri, the
culture of the end justifies the means has come to make
Nigeria, a country of get-rich-quick syndrome. No one cares
how you get rich, just get rich!. In all these cities I have
mentioned, the roads are a disgrace!
There are posh mansions all over the place but the roads
are the type that you will see in a ghetto.! What I also
noticed is that these mansions are built inside massive and
high wall and completed with giant security gates, the type
that will make the US White House Presidential Palace and
the French Elysee Presidential residence green with envy!
Nobody asks questions as to what happened to the billion of
dollars voted in the budget to build and repair these roads.
Many Nigerians seems to have taken the long view that it
would soon be their turn to be made ministers or governors
so that they can loot the treasury, carting away the fortune
budgeted to make life comfortable in this world. In the
Asokoro district of Abuja, the nation’s capital and Park view
Estate in Ikoyi, Lagos, many mansions lay fallow with for
sale sign for more than five years. I was told that these
mansions are not really for sale. The signs are used to
deceive gullible Nigerians by the owners who are usually
civil servants and Politicians who use such properties to
hide their wealth from the compromised anti-corruption
agencies and the journalists who have been compromised.
There is a direct link between Nigeria’s under development
and the weak accountability culture of the country. A friend
of mine, who is a contractor in Abuja told me that a director
of Finance in one of the Parastatals in Abuja, in which he
has business dealing said that, he needed to be bribed with
N50 Million (about US$250,000), for his company to be paid
for the work done. When my friend haggled and hesitated,
the director pointedly told my pal, that even if (President)
Jonathan sits in the room, he will collect the money! That is
the level of corruption in Nigeria! That a public servant will
say such a thing shows the lack of fear of retribution or
consequences for those who steal from our collective
While Nigeria is estimated to have earned over US$100
billions from oil sale in the last three years, there is hardly
any development to show for these huge earnings. Youth
unemployment has skyrocketed to almost 50%, which has
led to social problems like Kidnappings, robberies, Islamic
extremism (Boko Haram), violence and the rise of the Super
Class also known as the nouveau rich.
In a country that cannot generate 2 hours of power daily in
almost anywhere in the country about 150 private jets are
parked in various airports in the country. In a nation where
the poor are getting poorer the number of billionaires and
millionaire have risen so fast that, you wonder where the
source of such vast wealth come from. There is no prize for
guessing my readers. Unlike in the civilized world, apologies
to my friend, Mr. Fred Adebayo, of Queens, NY, when
monies are budgeted in Nigeria for specific projects, there
are no mechanism in place to ensure the projects are
implemented. There are no Inspectors General for the
different Government Ministries. So every year, billions can
be budgeted for the same bridge years in years out, without
such a Phantom bridge ever being constructed.
A friend of mine at the UN Mission, New York once told me
that I should stop referring to my effort and that of other
patriots in fighting against military rule in Nigeria, that
eventually led to this our current democracy. But my
question is, did we remove one set of military usurpers and
looters (Abacha stole close to US$4 billion) to be replaced
by another sets of looters dressed in civilian uniforms?
Who can be happy that our baby, Nigeria, freed of Military
rule and now dressed in the clothes of democracy has also
become a victim of civilian looters who now steal in Billions!
The Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, who may go
down in history as the most clueless, the most corrupt and
the most annoying and disgraceful President has continued
to preside over a corrupt government where the only way to
remain in government is to be a corrupt person. Jonathan
has refused to declare his assets to the World. So who can
blame his Ministers, If they continue to create a bazaar of
corruption in Nigeria, using allocation to fund private
projects while looting the monies to “safe” havens like the
canary Island and Europe?
Who can blame Stella Oduah, Ex – Minister of Aviation for
stealing billions from the Aviation Ministry when she knows
that her President is also busy doing shady Petroleum fraud
with Deziani Maduekwe, the Petroleum Resources Minister
in ensuring that US$ 20 billion oil sales was never reported
or paid into the Nigerian treasury? The truth of the matter is
that President Jonathan is a corrupt man, with insatiable
appetite for looting in the same scale as the loathed
Abacha!. Watch my word, with time, Jonathan will face
corruption charges from a dock of the law to answer for all
the Shenanigans that he is involved in now which time will
reveal .
When I left my hotel in Ikeja last month for a visit to lekki,
the want and deprivations a disgrace to a country that pride
itself as giant of Africa! What Giant? With children hawking
orange and poff-poff in the traffic. What giant of Africa will
not take care of the weak, the elderely and the disabled of
the Society?
What giant of Africa will leave dead bodies / Road kill? On
the Apapa / Oshodi expressway; Badagry expressway and
call itself as a Civilized part of the human race? What self –
respecting Country will cede the work of security, energy
and Food policy to the individual while engaging in blame
game with patriots and hiring shameful liars to spin to the
world why they are unable to contain Islamic radicals of
boko Haram? Why they are unable to protect citizens from
BOMB blast of Boko Haram? President Jonathan, what is
your job in ASO ROCK? Are you there because you think that
you are a privileged Nigerian from Ijaw land, with no shoes ,
who is now taking the slot of South – South?
Is that an end in itself?
Where did you get your PHD and in what field? Are you the
Manchurian Candidate determined to bring Nigeria to an
end?. If you have no clue as to governance, apologies to the
EX-VP Atiku Abubakar. Why not relinquish power to VP
Namadi Sambo? As things stand now, it looks like you have
lost control with these endless bombings, kidnapping of 276
girls in Chibrok and your presidency looking on as if it is the
most normal thing in the world. President Jonathan this is
not normal! All your government has been doing is reacting
to the activities of Boko Haram!. Reacting! Boko Haram has
proclaimed to you that “we are in your city (Abuja)” they are
indeed there going by the double bombing in Nyanya, Abuja,
April 14 & May 1 2014. Mr. President, seek help to end the
insurgency before Boko Haram next boast would be, “Jonah
we are now in Aso Rock!, That would be when the many
Ostrich-Nigerians hypocritical, highly –placed Nigerians, will
take to the hill and abandon you!. Do something before 2015
become a mirage for you, so near but unattainable!

*Published in the AFRICAN ABROAD USA April 30-May 14,
2014 edition

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