Northern Nigeria And The Need To Save It By Bitrus Adua Jock

‘At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in’ -Mother Theresa of Calcutta

It is with utmost sadness that I write this piece to bring to the general public the age long suffering and poverty that has hit very hard on the people of Northern Nigeria since the inceptions of the activities of the insurgents.

For years, Nigeria has been on heels trying to fight the menace of Insecurity and curb the excesses of the ‘Monstrous extremists’ Boko Haram which has taken a deadly toll on the Northern part of Nigeria. Several policies and committees had been set up to proffer possible solutions to the insurgency. So many funds as we were made to believe has been imputed into the security sector to restore back a peaceful Nigeria but still to no avail.

For how long then are we going to sit and watch a generation wasted? For how long are we going to fold our hands and stare at the tragedy that befalls our brothers and sisters in the North? For how long are we going to turn deaf ears and blindfolded faces to the plight of troubled generations? For how long are we going to keep partying while a part of us is already going down the base, for how long?

While we keep waiting for government to launch its long awaited solutions that we are not really sure of, why not make a difference? At each strike of this extremists (Boko Haram) several lives are been wasted, Women are turned to poor widows overnight, little children are turned to orphans within a snap, a whole family is razed down, houses burnt and several are rendered homeless and hopeless. Are we to keep watching until the whole region is totally wiped out of existence and the inhumanity is extended to other parts? Long have we waited on government for a positive outcome but it’s quite disheartening that the longer we wait the more lives are been wasted. Afteral, what help have the government rendered to poor widows and homeless children who are suffering the hit of the menace. I am from the North, Kaduna state precisely. I feel disheartened seeing young and brighter generations living without a hope of what tomorrow holds. Little children who have lost both parents live in the slums of the society and of course one begins to wonder what the elites in the society have done to help the situation. Its shouldn’t be surprising in the society we are in, where the poor suffers the actions and inactions of the elites. Amidst all these I see only but a few NGO’s like The Voice of the Christian Martyrs (V.C.M) who had done their best in giving hope to some of the victims in which I am proud to say,I am a product.

I write with a troubled heart, because my late father died as results of this same insurgents albeit in a different manner. Thousands of others like me are out there hoping hope will suffice amidst all hopelessness. They have politicised the situations and even pretended they know not what the North is suffering. Believe me praying alone won’t save a child still on the street begging for alms to survive on, praying alone won’t save a poor widow who begs to sustain herself and kids, praying alone won’t save the Northern part of Nigeria from its distress but a lot of actions I believe will.

I want to use this medium to call on well meaning Nigerians, to come to the aid of these victims. Help as many as you can. Every penny can put a child through school and it can as well change the mindset of a child positively, every kindness shown can put a smile on the face of that child who has not smiled for decades, a little food can save a child from danger of starvation, a little roof over a child’s head can save from sleeping in the slums and the dangers therein. I am not asking for a penny for myself, we still have thousands of them rooming the streets and are prone to dangers of death. Help them, love them, protect them and show them the love as you will do to your own kids.

Nigeria, this is a clarion call. Save a child, save a life and save a generation.

Bitrus Adua Jock

Ogun State.


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