GEJ or GMB: A choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! By Perez Adebolagun

As we all look forward to the new date set for the
elections in Nigeria, many things come to mind while
so many people are in a hibernating mood on the
choice of their candidate others are busy playing
politics of hate (using sensitive issues like human
lives to score cheap political points). It is so
unfortunate that at a time where intellectual
debates and mind-blowing discussions should be at
its peak the reverse is the case in my dear country.
The party of the incumbent government is busy
battling insurgency and commissioning so many
projects so they could win the hearts of more
electorates in the process. The opposition party on
the other side is praying for things to remain
terrible in the country and looking for the slightest
mistake to capitalize on as campaign strategy to win
the hearts of Nigerians. Nigerian citizens continue to
dance to the beat of whichever party they
sympathize for, some are running en masse to
rallies of both parties trying to make the most of the
gifts that would be thrown at them.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan:
My brothers and sisters, the truth is what we all
know but for some reasons we are afraid to accept it
because it is extremely bitter. That truth is that
Nigeria is in a state of Jeopardy and any attempt to
rescue her might lead to a colossal boomerang.
When GEJ was elected president and lots of
Nigerians felt this would usher the beginning of a
new era in Nigerian politics and developments, I was
skeptical. I discovered one wrong move, which the
president made and that turned me off till today.
At a time we all were trying to see how to cut the
costs of administration in the country especially the
revelation by the former central bank’s boss Lamido,
that almost ¾ of our income were lavished on our
lawmakers, ministers, and other bodies that run the
government. I was expecting GEJ to make a very
significant and unprecedented effort by cutting the
running costs of the government. Unfortunately, he
went further to create more ministries and
parastatal. One very dumb move was establishing a
new Ministry of ICT when we already had a Ministry
of Science and Technology. I was wondering how a
developing nation like Nigeria would ever attain
development with this kind of silly ideas. Believe me
if the intentions were right and the ministry would
really live up to its name there will be no problems.
However, the intentions were just to create portfolios
for their allies and allow more political friends
especially those who lost in the recent elections have
a place and say in power, more especially have their
own share of the national cake. I would not dwell
much on GEJ as I intend to make this article as
short as possible. The pump increase on fuel was
another wrong call by the president in the wake of
his tenure; in fact this made him the most insulted
Nigerian president. It appeared as if most things he
does was never thought well or maybe his advisers
were just playing him to the gallery, as most things
he does were faced with great criticism by Nigerians.
When campaigning he said he once had no shoes,
this coupled with his name Goodluck and how he rose
from a deputy governor to a vice president was all
what Nigerians saw and sympathized with him,
especially for the fact that he came from the oil
rich Niger-Delta region that never produced a
president before. Another turn off to many citizens
of Nigeria is the fact that whenever he or his wife
visits a location where you happen to be at a given
time you are doomed. His convoy does not care about
any other person once he is passing by you will be
subjected to at least 2 hours of waiting so that he
can majestically move on the roads with his
accolades of security and ceremonial escorts. I
remember this day when I was about to travel to
Abuja in an aircraft. I noticed the pilot had to
delay our takeoff for over 2 hours, he said there
was VIP moments in the air, at first I thought he
meant Vampires but later he said Dame patience was
to fly, even after she took off, we waited for over
30 minutes before we were allowed to continue. These
are just little of his many wonders.
Not to say that he never did anything good, he also
bagged a lot of unprecedented achievements, he
brought in car assembly companies to Nigeria, he
started the railway that no past president could
tackle, Nigeria was said to be the best economy in
Africa, also Nigerian sports got a lot of trophies. One
of the many things I salute him for is the war he
fights against terror. Although, many Nigerians
think he has been so slow and allowed lots of people
to die due to his inactions, I still believe he has
done very well on that note. Even amidst great
criticism from Nigerians, opposition party and
international community he was able to forge ahead
and fight the Islamic militants. The US that have
been our major source of ammunition procurement
decided not to sell us ammunitions they also warned
their allies not to. The president never allowed that
stop him, he tried to use private options,
unfortunately, his deal in South Africa though a
prominent Pastor’s Jet was revealed and there was a
great episode with Nigerians on this as well. He was
labeled a terrorist for buying arms through a private
source. I remember when the over 200 schoolgirls
were abducted, Nigerians said this was a political
game by him. Now that Nigerians have known the
truth about it, they say he his one sponsoring the
Boko Haram Sect.
I think I would have to talk about Nigerians before
talk I about our next figure “GMB”. To me I think
his decision to move the elections 6 weeks is a very
welcome idea and we have all witnessed that but
most people still believe it is part of his political
game to hold on to power. However, of a truth I am
beginning to see so many miracles in 6 weeks, in
fact more than in the last 6 years lol. Now he plans
to catch the leader of the terrorists alive, the
opposition has made up a case that he is planning to
use a fake person to testify against their
presidential candidate. One begins to wonder why an
opposition party that had always accused him of
being the sponsor of terrorism now say they would
look for a fake guy, hmmn, this points out to the
fact that they know he actually is not responsible for
the terrorism. When I look back at the reign of GEJ
in Nigeria I see a man that really meant well for
this country but was not able to achieve much.
Unfortunately, the luck in his name was not able to
help him tackle Nigerias greatest problem, which is
corruption. If corruption in Nigeria was wearing a t-
shirt and jeans, now it walks around fully suited up.
I would give you my personal experiences to back up
this claim of mine when I talk about GMB, please
read on.
Nigerian citizens on the other hand are a very
interesting set of humans. You can equate them with
the children of Israel in the days of Moses. They are
never satisfied with anything. Nigerians have being
complaining ever since the British for their selfish
interest stupidly created the country. Have you ever
wondered that there would never be a time we don’t
lament that the previous government was far better
than the incumbent?? I bet you if Jesus came in the
form of a Man, Nigerians would still complain even
more bitterly. I was wondering why Nigerians are
never satisfied with anything and I was able to see
that it is due to the fact that we ourselves are the
cause of our woes not out government alone. The
government is only a reflection of its people, so you
ask, why are good people not getting there? It is
just because there are not many good people in
Nigeria. We complain so much about corruption in our
government as if we ourselves are saints. You need
to take a tour around businesses and offices in
Nigeria and you would see first hand corruption.
Corruption in Nigeria Civil Service is the worst in the
whole world. If you ever want to go far in Nigeria
Civil Service today, you MUST be corrupt. You must
assist your boss in stealing public funds, and if you
are not loyal to your boss, you are doomed. You will
only watch your peers climb up to the top and you
will remain exactly where you were or you get
transferred to another zone to allow the serious
corrupt elements have their day. I was in a ministry
agency and I witnessed this first hand. I tried my
best to speak against corruption and I was
transferred to the East while the boss I complained
about was even elevated. Even, I was seen as a
threat in my new place of transfer as I was
perceived to be the evil spirit that caused problem
everywhere. Anyways, I resigned due to the fact
that if I can never join them, I would never go far.
I just graduated with one of the best results as a
Masters student in international Development here
in the USA. I am very willing to go back and use my
knowledge for my agency, which really needs this.
But they would rather terminate my appointment if
I go back because in Nigerian Civil Service,
corruption and being loyal to your criminal minded
boss is what makes you move up the ladder. I would
rather go back to Maiduguri and continue my
Humanitarian work.
Let me share a funny post I read from one of my
bosses, whom I worked for and who was extremely
corrupt. He shared on facebook his view about GEJ’s
regime ….his words.. “This regime is the most
corrupt, where is Nigeria really heading towards?”
Pls don’t laugh now, wait for this. The most funny
of it was that one of my colleagues whom we all
served under him, and knows how great a thief this
man is, was also commenting in this manner to his
post “Oga, the situation is so terrible, we pray great
men like you get there… Imagine, of course they
knew his tendencies just for their names to be in his
good books. What I say today I say on behalf of
almost all if not all ministries, government
parastatals and agencies in Nigeria. In the ministry
or agencies, Director General /Ministers are semi
gods. Almost half of the budget of the agency /
ministry go to them. Let me give an example of my
former agency. Our job was to is save lives during
accidents, plane crashes, flooding, even the current
Boko Haram palaver, staffs of this very agency are
mostly deployed to this dangerous places to cater
for the distressed. Just imagine that staffs of this
agency have nothing like hazard allowances, nor any
type of insurance be it life or medical. The average
salary of a university graduate that has spent over
10 years in this agency is not up to N70, 000 ($350)
/ month. This same agency, recently bought a
private jet, they call it a medical ambulance. The
jet ferries the DG and his entourage to most places
of interest. The agency hires a pilot and a crew and
pays each crewmember 7 times the amount it pays its
search and rescue officer. Even the medical
ambulance that was purchased is yet to carry one
displaced or injured person from the over 1 million
displaced victims of the Boko Haram or has it
transported to any hospital one person from the
over 400,00 thousand injured victims. I rest my
case on this for now. So when we point accusing
fingers to our leaders as corrupt people, we should
examine the three others that points back at us.
The private sector that we think has hope is hopeless
in Nigeria, the way banks use ladies for prostitution
just because they need customers is a topic for
another day. Okay, I have deviated so let me
continue with the other presidential candidate, this
candidate to many people is the new messiah that
has been sent to usher Nigeria into greatness, so lets
talk about him.
The youth in Nigeria is a hopeless case. The National
Association of Nigerian Students has been an arm of
Aso Rock for years. They never have one single
president of the association, because everyone wants
to be the president so they have faction scattered
across the country. If you don’t have a gun you dear
not attend their meetings. One of the student Union
president during my my University days is currently
somewhere in Akure being a puppet for the governor
while one that made it far to become NANs president
is trying to find his way to the assembly to loot even
more. A well-respected Union President that we all
looked up to in school that might be a great figure
ended up being caught for rigging elections. These
are just a few of millions. The youths that should
speak out against corruption and all these anomalies
are patiently waiting for their chance to loot the
treasury as well. They would do even worse than the
present leaders. The way our youths go to other
countries and bring shame to us is another topic for
another day. Many things are wrong with us as a
nation, yet we expect our leaders to be a saint. Total
rubbish!!! Nigerians in diaspora are the greatest
critic of Nigeria, once they get this VISA LOTTERY or
any kind of Mistake visa and see the way Oyinbo
(White) Man land looks like, the next thing is insult.
They would compare Nigeria with US, UK, GERMANY
ETC. They have forgotten in a hurry how many lives
they made miserable in their desperate search for
greener pastures. They have forgotten how they
looted the treasuries in their work place to pay for
their flight fees. Once they just get to inside the
plane, they start complaining and criticizing Nigeria
firstly for not even having a plane. I was almost
beaten in a flight from New- York to Nigeria when
everyone apart from me in the plane was raining
insult on Nigeria. I stood a firm ground and insisted
that Nigeria was only what we all made it to be. If
not for the crewmembers I would have been seriously
dealt with. Please do not get me wrong there are
great youth in this country and I am proud to be
one of them, but others don’t ever join them to do
good. Let me give an account of my last visit to
Nigeria, May – August, I spent quality of my time in
Maiduguri, Abuja and Lagos trying to raise help for
the distressed in the North. I created a website I
begged people for cloths and money. I nearly left
the country in tears, you need to know how wicked
Nigerians are. It is only on facebook you would see
crazy comments against leaders, tell them to do
something right in their corner they would never do
OKAY OHH, Let me introduce the man of the moment
General Muhammad Buhari, a disciplinarian to the
core, his name has been so prominent on many social
media, it was sad that the election was postponed to
march because the FeBuhari slogan was one coined
perfectly to a fit. GMB was head of state when I was
3 years old. 10 years after his leadership, I was told
I was the future leader in my school, but now our
children are in the future and Buhari is still vying
for same leadership position. Not only is this sick but
very embarrassing. I would not be able to write much
about GMB as I never witnessed anything as I was
too young and I would not want to tell other peoples’
story, as I would want to stay as true as possible to
my readers. However, history has it that he was a
very wicked and rootless dictator. He sentenced
many people to death and imprisoned so many
without following the process. He participated in a
coup plot that kicked against a democratically
elected government but now he is trying to benefit
from the same democracy. Many people have
identified him as one of the sponsors of Boko Haram
due to many of his uncensored comments and
sympathy for the terrorist group. Apart from his
Islamic biased crude fanatics, Buhari has on
numerous occasions given his ardent support for the
implementation of sharia in Nigeria. He was praised
for being a good leader as a PTF boss, but also
condemned by many for approving most
developmental projects in Northern Nigeria. Well, as
a student in the University I can corroborate this
story as PTF busses given to southern institutions
were only one but more were given to Northern
institutions. When you watch GMB talk on TV you will
shake your head for the future of Nigeria if this
man is ever elected president. On numerous
occasions he has made blunders, mispronouncing his
vice name, not knowing the full meaning of APC and
so much more. The problem about his educational
certificate is still an issue till date. How a past head
of a country would not know where his credentials
are kept should be a great issue to a serious minded
country. GMB’s health status is another issue that
remains unknown, as the politics behind the two
political parties would never allow us to know the
true picture. Many Nigerians believe he has a lot of
skeletons in his cupboard and he is just not sincere
with his followers. I see one major problem if GMB is
voted-in, this will be the clash of ideologies. GMBs
party is now filled with so many political defectors.
APC now houses many rogues and criminals,
especially corrupt Nigerians that finances GMB. So
what the anti-corruption messiah would do to them
when he gets power remains a myth to so many of
The truth we all know but we are afraid to say is
that GMB is not an INTERLLIGENT person but unlike
GEJ he surrounds himself with very intelligent
people. His choice of vice was a very intelligent move,
just like his previous vice, late Tunde Idiagbon,
whom many praised for role during GMB rule. To so
many people imagining a president in the person of
GMB is a very hard pill to swallow. Some people like
myself have a hard time seeing him representing
Nigeria in a 21st century debate. Personally, I will
be so ashamed to see him make some of his
numerous mistakes in an international level. I would
also be very sad to see a GMB representing my
country where other young vibrant and intelligent
presidents of other countries are present.
At this point let us point out the No1 problem of
Nigeria, of course we all agree it is corruption, if not
why do we remain in the same position of growth
with the bounteous resources God has blessed us
with? Sometimes I wondered how great Nigeria would
have been if our leaders and we the followers have
been very sincere and genuine in our ways. The
choice of the next president in Nigeria really would
be a tough one, and as I said looks like choosing
between the devil and the deep blue sea. If I had
the power to veto the next president I would have
advocated for the only female contestant, as to me
that represents the only true and sincere change, if
we really are truthful and sincere about the change
we all desire. I made little write up canvassing for
her, but I was made to know that nobody would vote
for her. Funny as it looks that’s the truth, so we are
left with two prominent candidates to choose from.
The best way to decide between this would have been
a debate like what we saw in Lagos, which revealed
that the brilliance of Jimi Agabje of PDP far
outweighs that of Ambode from APC but
unfortunately GMB would not honour the debate
your guess is as good as mine. The APC used GEJ
precedence to back up their stance against debate.
So how do we know who has a better program???
This is my conclusion: It is very evident that GEJ has
tried his best but unfortunately, his best is not good
enough. He has started a lot of great and
unprecedented projects like rails etc.
Unfortunately, he has failed to address the major
problem in Nigeria, which is corruption. Many corrupt
persons under his tenure were not tried. In fact he
went ahead and pardoned “Alayesinger”. His tenure
has so much spilling of blood, air crashes,
insurgence, etc (I am not saying he his responsible
for all these negative incidents), but it would not be
good to continue with someone who continuously
sends condolences to its followers.
I think we should give Buhari a chance, this Old man
has been consistent in saying he wants to help us get
rid of corruption and he has good precedence, he
has ben able to show us he is not or (No more) a
religious bigot by on two occasions choosing a pastor
to run with. I have dislked this man for God knows
why, but I think his team can lay a foundation for
a New Nigeria. I really don’t se hope in the likes of
Tinubu and others, but sometimes you need a Tinubu
to get the likes of Fasola.. Tinubu is a criminal and
also a corrupt leader I know this very well, but we
cant all just start on a clean slate, remember my
friends Rome was not built in a day.
My second reason is that, Buhari and Osibajo stands
a better chance to face the evil oil cabals, the
individuals that steal and suck the wealth of this
country. It is no more news that in Nigeria there are
individuals that are richer than the country itself.
Furthermore, let me make it clear that I was not
moved at all by GMB crocodile tears when he lost last
election, but I think if we sympathized with GEJ
because of his name and the shoes he did not have
we might as well gamble with this man as well.
My third reason: PDP has kept the powers of
leadership of this country ever since democratic
rule, so lets see what another party would do. Even
if APC would be corrupt as well, at least it would be
another set of people that would benefit from this
corruption. Abi, you were not shocked that Musiliu
Obanikoro, was nominated to come back as a
minister after losing elections?? You ask yourself
are there no more people in PDP, the asnwer is NO,
there are no more people in PDP, so there are no
more ideas. Lets have new people come in and let’s
see if they can do it better. Its only foolish people
that keep doing things the same way and expect
different results. Same goes for Lagos, lets PDP be
voted in in Lagos and lets have change in Lagos as
well. APC does not have the monopoly of change.
Tinubu has sucked the wealth of Lagos dry, let
another person suck the remnant or do it well. Lagos
does not belong to Tinubu, so lets have PDP run it,
who says they cant do better should take a trip to
Akwa Ibom and see what PDP Governor did?
MY final reason: Like I said, I would feel
embarrassed and ashamed if a man like GMB would
be representing us in this 21st century. Kai! Kai!!
Kai!!, There is God ohhh!!!! A country that has
million of educated and grounded youths. Well, I
think this would make us know that we have failed
ourselves, when a man of almost 80 is the one that
can represent us and try to help us get our ways
right, it would be an indication that we all need to
trace our steps back and lets see how to do things
right once more. When I said backward is the way
forward, I meant the choice of a man that has no
good understanding of science and technology would
be the one now trying to help us all get our paths
aright. Come to think of it, don’t your feel it might
be a sign from God that if with all the brains,
certificate, of Nigerians both home and abroad, it is
someone who does not have the slightest clue of
where he kept his school certificate( that’s if he
attended) and does not even know the full meaning
of his party, that might now show us all the way to
do things!!!! If that be the case then it’s a huge
shame on our Phd, and whatsoever certifications we
think we all have.
So my dear friends on Facebook, as I urge you to
cast your votes for Buhari and Osibajo in this coming
election, please please and please lets remember to
say a huge thank you for the few things GEJ
achieved. We should learn to appreciate little things
so that we can have more. Sincerely he has done his
best (omi lo po ju oka lo). I say a huge “thank you”
to you all for taking time to read my piece.

N.B: I never in any part of this article vouch for the
competence of GMB over GEJ, I only maintained
that he his most suitable to make a positive
difference out of the dual.

views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of blog author.


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