Letter From The Northeast To Buhari Sulaiman Badamasi

Your Excellency,

let me begin with
congratulating you, myself and fellow
Nigerians on this momentous triumph. It
was indeed, a conquest of allegiance
and sacrifice, and we thank you as well
as your cohort for breeding the idea of
and striving towards achieving this #
Change. Looking at the other side of the
coin, there awaits you a great burden to
deal with; while those who keenly voted
for you expect heaven and earth, due
to your widely celebrated reputation,
those that opposed you might be
expecting the most tormenting hell, due
to defamatory allegations of atrocity
and dictatorship that they had heard
about you. However, we in the northeast
are not exempted.
Permit me Sir, to convey to you what we
in the northeast would want you to begin
with, in our region; we need security of
our lives and properties to be
guaranteed just as it used to be, have
peace living like other parts of the
country and have our bloods duly
accounted for. To be more specific, we
have a belief that there was total
negligence and insincerity in fighting
the insecurity that has, for six years;
killed our lives, demolished our markets,
destroyed our schools, razed our
villages, crippled our economy, reduced
our jobs, disturbed our peace,
displaced/handicapped our people,
restricted our movement, bombarded our
wellbeing and took us far back compared
to other regions of the country. It is due
to that belief that, never like before,
you are now able to secure more than
90% of votes from both my state, Yobe
and Borno states respectively, while
securing 100% the IDPs camps.
Now in the northeast Sir, everything that
sustains a region/nation is being
targeted at and put under aggressive
annihilation. For any nation to attain
sustainability, it is sine-qua-non to
have all or most of the following assets
in place; education, economy, farming,
peace, transportation, infrastructure,
healthcare services, youth, policy and
information. But these are the
attributes that are being massively
chased with extermination in the
northeast, without us enjoying the fruits
of being a component of any merciful
government, because the government has
kept on refusing to admit that we are
facing the problems, talk less of healing
them, for example; when it falsified the
fact that more than 2000 people were
massacred in Baga, and later, after
facing wide condemnation, admits but
reduced the number significantly and
insisting that only 15,000 people were
killed throughout the span of
insurgency. This kind of response causes
us more grief than the damages
sustained from the attacks.
Finally, for the past three years, we
only rejoiced widely and moved freely in
my home town, Potiskum once (i.e. on
31st March, 2015) when they announced
that you have won the election. There
were also strategic roads in the town
that we only could pass through on that
very day, in the period of 3 years, due
to restriction of movements. – This
applies to many parts of the northeast
I hope that lack of freedom, peace and
confidence meets end when you descend
the throne, and I pray that a ministry,
commission or a special rehabilitation
program be created to handle our

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Sulaiman Badamasi
MSc. Health Informatics (CUU)

views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of blog author.


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