CANDID JOE: Lolo, who elected you to watch Chelsea? By CANDID JOE


Governor Abubakar Sani Bello
Imagine what governance is threatening to become in this country, that a governor would take off from his state and go all the way to London to watch a football match, and he has the temerity to tweet it. His hard-pressed people learnt about it from a tweet. How would anyone have known where Governor Abubakar Sani Bello was, if not because he himself tweeted it on his Twitter handle? Last Saturday he thumbed his chest and told Nigerlites and other Nigerians that he was going to Stamford Bridge in London to watch an English Premier League match between Chelsea, said to be his favourite team, and Arsenal.
Let me ask Governor Bello. You have been in the saddle in Minna for four months now. How many tweets did you send from a highway where you went to patch up dangerous potholes? How many tweets did you send from a dilapidated primary school where you were supervising its rehabilitation? Did you send any tweet from a dark labour room in a public hospital, where you were supervising the installation of a power generator?
Even if it is football that you want to watch, there used to be a very good team in Minna called Niger Tornadoes. Instead of you to ask what happened to it, or instead of you to organize a match between Niger Tornadoes and another Nigerian team so that you and many Nigerlites will go and watch, you took off to London to watch two English teams playing. And when the people of Niger State inevitably rose in protest, saying the governor wasted their money and squandered invaluable time going to watch an English match, his answer was that he was invited by John Mikel Obi who wants to invest in a football academy in Niger State.
That one is not a good reason, to tell you frankly. Look here Governor Bello, the people of Niger State are tired of garrulous leadership. If it empty showmanship, don’t you know that your predecessor once rode to the Eid prayer ground on an elephant, and he also rode on a chopper to the top of Zuma Rock? Is that what you are trying to emulate? If Nigerlites don’t talk now, very soon we will see you tweeting that you went to watch Formula One or you are in America to watch the Superbowl. You must come back home and grapple with the task that you were elected to do. If you want to see any more football matches, organize them at the Minna township stadium.

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