Why EFCC head should be Sacked: Open Letter To President Buhari Warns Against Leadership Of EFCC Boss Lamorde And Senator Akpabio By Barrister Leo Ekpenyong

Your Excellency,


I write with a deep feeling of melancholy to further bring to your notice my earlier concerns about the war against corruption under the notorious leadership of Ibrahim Lamorde led-EFCC as expressed in my previous letter to you dated 19th October, 2015.
It would be recalled that sequel to my petitions against the former Governor Akpabio’s administration dated 8th, 22nd June and August 3rd respectively, the Senate Minority leader was invited by the EFCC and after his departure from the Commission he bragged to his supporters that Lamorde was under his control and nothing reasonable would come out of his investigation. It was against this background that I raised an alarm urging the federal government to sack Lamorde since it was apparent that justice would not be done to our petitions taking into consideration the deliberate and unnecessary delays at investigations and possible prosecution.
During my interview on a guest show (O and M) televised by AIT, I accused Ibrahim Lamorde of having interests in contracts awarded by Akwa Ibom State government. This fact Senator Akpabio mentioned to me on June 22nd, 2015.
Ostensibly angered by this allegation, Lamorde summoned me on October 26th via the head of its economic governance unit and for nine (9) hours battled by compulsion to get me recant my allegation and withdraw my petitions against Akpabio. I stood my ground and maintained that the EFCC leadership was “hand in gloves” with Senator Godswill Akpabio.
On November 2nd, one DSP Chuks Ibe from the FCT Police command invited me to answer to a petition written against me by Lamorde. During the course of this interrogation, DSP Chuks Ibe dictated how I should write my statement and personally informed me of his interactions with Senator Godswill Akpabio.
Consequently, on November 5th, 2015 during my routine interview session at the FCT command, I was led before the Gudu district Upper Area Court on a malicious charge of defamation and giving false information.
The excruciating persecution between the EFCC and the Nigerian Police reveals the conspiracy theory involving the trio of Godswill Akpabio, IGP Solomon Arase and Ibrahim Lamorde.
Your Excellency, I cannot agree less with you that unless we kill corruption, corruption will or may kill us. The actions and desperation of IGP Solomon Arase and indeed Lamorde is a clear case of deliberate intimidation, orchestrated falsehood and a diversionary attempt to actualize their aim of ensuring that Senator Akpabio evades Justice.
We recall the dark era of IGP Arase’s tenure as Commissioner of police in Akwa Ibom under the leadership of former Governor Akpabio and the unholy alliance of the EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde with Akpabio. This is indeed a very dangerous trend of amalgamating PDP forces to paint the image of this administration in bad light.
At this juncture Mr. President, let me assure you of my unalloyed and irrevocable commitment to your avowed zeal to fight corruption and put Nigeria on the path towards National development amongst the comity of Nations. No degree of intimidation and persecution will derail my resolve to pursue and stand by my petitions to its logical conclusion.
My passionate appeal to you is that you strengthen our anti-graft agencies with incorruptible helmsmen and scrutinize the activities of the Nigerian Police Force under Arase before it gets out of hand. Without mincing words, the duo of Arase and Lamorde are still acting out the script of their former paymasters, the PDP and this is most unacceptable.
As for the malicious prosecution orchestrated against me, I take solace in God Almighty, who is a just judge to vindicate me at the end of this malicious trial.
I humbly urge you sir, to intervene and call these centrifugal forces to order.
Finally, your Excellency, and without much ado, the time to relieve these unpatriotic elements of their duties is now.
Yours truly,

Barrister Leo Ekpenyong
9th November, 2015.

Culled from SaharaReporters

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