The Dasuki’s Arms Deal, PDP And Goodluck Jonathan, By Kanmie Okewale

Now we can all begin to understand the drama in Nigeria. PDP government led by GEJ remorselessly, shamelessly and obstinately drained the vaults of this country.
Now, this tip of the iceberg that we are hearing about was just one of those feasts that GEJ organized and moderated.
In this particular case, they made the federal government bear PDP campaign expenses and hid the cost under the almighty security votes. They took billions of dollars in the name of (Arms purchase) security votes and ensured boko haram was well fueled so that they would have justification for such huge amounts taken out of federation accounts. They ensured boko haram was killing, bombing and kidnapping, sent defenseless troops to combat the same militants they were funding. They wasted civilian lives and the lives of many of our innocent soldiers.
It didn’t end there. Now that they know their secrets are going to be let out, they are feigning sickness and wanting to travel out for medical treatment abroad. Some of them that already escaped abroad have gone to secure permanent spaces in the hospitals to delay or avert Justice.
In order to divert government attention away from the resolve to reveal corrupt people in the past government, they have devised another security confusion again. Now they have gone to mobilize the vulnerable Ibos to start an agitation for Biafra. The game plan is to create security issue similar to the then NigerDelta agitation so that PMB will not have time to pursue corruption probes.
We say investment has gone down in the economy recently, foreign investors are leaving, projects are abandoned. I want to reveal to Nigerians that most foreign investors that visit Nigeria with funds to invest are fronting for thieving politicians. Now that anti-corruption is heating up, their principals have told them to start offloading shares and go and stay in London, New York, Dubai and other places, keep the remnants they can cash from the various investments for them while they wait to face the music being played by this new government. They are all so pained by the foreign exchange policy of this government because they find it difficult to fly away our money at will.
Is anybody still confused about the drama in Nigeria?
Let’s just wait and endure while PMB is giving them the music.

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