Supreme Court decision that upheld the dubious and fraudulent elections that took place in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Abia States has sent a dangerous signal to the political landscape and at once put a question mark on anti corruption project of President Buhari’s administration. I was stunned into disbelief that the Supreme Court of Nigeria should in one fell swoop render nugatory all the Tribunals and Appeal Court rulings with respect to Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Abia States without thinking about the bizarre consequences of such unilateral actions in the body polity. That the Supreme Court of Nigeria will totally ignore the massive fraud, massive violence, brutal murder and humiliation of innocent citizens of this country and go ahead to announce electoral fraudsters as governors portends grave danger to our renascent democracy.
Joe Igbokwe writes from Lagos
President Buhari who was elected by Nigerians to fight corruption to a standstill had alerted the nation last week that his biggest headache in the fight against corruption is the judiciary. Few days later the worst happened at the Supreme Court of Nigeria to confirm the President fears. A seven man bench led by Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud Mohammed ignored the mass killings, hooliganism and brigandage in the three States, ignored the weighty and empirical evidences made available, ignored the reports of International Observers and independent observers and went ahead to circumvent the Peoples’ expectations by rewarding the offenders instead of rewarding the offended. The late Nwafor Orizu says that it is not that the offended cannot forgive but has the offender repented?
Now this unthinkable decision at the Apex Court has thrown up a lot of questions: Who are these Supreme Court Judges? Of what meat were they fed? Where are they coming from? What are their antecedents and pedigree? What is their background? Do we know their character? Who appointed them Judges? Was it on merit or just to create jobs for the boys? Can anybody educate Nigerians about these Judges? Do they know the agenda and the focus of this government? Do they live among us? What do they know about political corruption? What informed their decision to do what they did? What was on their minds as they were delivering this judgment? Did they give a thought about those ordinary Nigerians who were maimed and murdered? Do they worry about the feelings of the people of Nigeria? Do they care about the feelings of the observers who saw it all? Are they members of PDP?
The fight for corruption whether political corruption or economic corruption remains the focal point of this government. A friend tells me that political corruption is more dangerous than economic corruption. If we are able to reduce corruption in Nigeria by 80% Price Waterhouse Coppers says the Gross Domestic Product GDP will hit two trillion Dollars by 2030. If we kill corruption in Nigeria Commerce and business alone can build our economy even without oil. This is the more reason why well meaning Nigerians must support President Buhari to clear the Augean Stable in Nigeria. But corruption is fighting back from all corners. We see corruption fighting back in National Assembly. We see corruption fighting back in the judiciary. We see corruption fighting back in PDP. We see corruption fighting back on the pages of our Newspapers and TV Stations .We see corruption fighting back even from the ordinary Nigerians. We see corruption fighting even from the unexpected quarters. This is the real danger.
Justices of the Supreme Court are also Nigerians. We all buy from the same market. They too need money. They need to pay school fees for their Children abroad. They need to buy houses in choice areas of Nigeria. They love exotic cars also. They love good things of life. They can be corrupt too. The fact that somebody is appointed the Supreme Court judge does not make him or her a super person. Corruption is not written on anybody’s face. Therefore let nobody think that supreme courts judges are immune to corruption. If the Supreme Court justices are found to be corrupt then their decisions may not be final because they are not God. I fear the judges are using their excessive powers to play to the gallery and this must be thoroughly investigated. I suggest we investigate their earnings , their investments and Bank Statements here and abroad. This is the way to go at this stage and age. If gold begins to rust what will iron do? Eneke the bird says when men learn to shoot without missing it will fly without perching. The recent developments at the apex court calls for new thinking , new ideas, new method , and new approach. I speak for those who were killed during the elections. I speak for those were maimed and wounded . I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves . I speak for the weak, the helpless and the hapless. I speak for the ordinary citizens of Nigeria who were intimidated and robbed by electoral criminals in those three states.
I implore Nigerians to help this president to succeed. Many talk about the economy, many say that president Buhari has no plans for the economy and they say that naira/ dollar relationship is 300/1. But those who know better know that corruption is the biggest problem in Nigeria. If we do not kill corruption corruption will kill Nigeria.President Buhari is breaking his back for Nigeria. President Buhari is bitting bullets to save Nigeria. President Buhari is drilling the deepest well to take back Nigeria from unconscionable looters. President Buhari is going extra miles to do the unthinkable to save Nigeria. President Buhari is taking the biggest risk in the world for the sake of Nigeria. This president is trying to pull down the Tower of Babel single handedly. Investment funds are in the pockets of few Nigerians.
The money that will build the power sector, security architecture, roads, hospitals, schools, create jobs,and efficient transportation systems etc in order to attract foreign investments are in the private pockets. Get this money , invest it and create the needed momentum and the economy will bounce back.
Now here is what I read online yesterday: ‘You want Naira to be strong against the Dollar? Very simple!
1. Replace your Kellogg with Nasco
2. Replace your Toyota/Honda fleet with Innoson
3. Buy your funiture from Benin not US or Italy
4. Get your Rug from Nobel not Dubai
5. Instead of champagne try palmwine
6. Clothes can be made in Lagos not only in Paris
7. Aba shoes are as good as those you buy in London’
Case rested!