​Do you desire to have healthy and sound sleeping time? Do you wish to fall asleep fast? There are a lot of reasons to wish it and it’s quite healthy. Many scientists thought about finding a solution for getting people asleep faster. In drug stores, you may find hundreds of brands for sleeping pills, but you desire to fall asleep instantly and healthy. According to the Book of Guinness Records, the longest time without sleeping was twelve days. Nevertheless, you do not have the wish to overrun this record as there are many adverse effects of bad sleeping. Bad sleeping means exhausting, inability to work, headache, and craziness. Read the tips below if you can`t fall asleep fast enough.Good training exercise provides a great dream

If you spend your day actively, went to the gym or performed jogging in the evening you would not have problems with falling asleep. Scientists have noticed that people who sweat a lot during the day, it does not matter if the reason is the heavy physical work or sports training, they would have much better sleep than those who are not active during the day.

Remove all electronics out of the bedroom and you will understand how to fall asleep instantly

In no case, it`s inappropriate to bring modern digital devices, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-books into the bedroom. One more chapter of the e-book, one more website or one more post on Facebook – those are excuses to steal our sleep. Also, the blue flashing lights and indicators on the devices keep us in suspense and interfere with sleep.Although you may feel drowsy from alcohol, in the end, even an innocent glass of wine keeps yours out of sleep. Scientists from the University of Missouri found that alcohol disrupts the routine work of the sleep centers of the brain and wakes us up. So, do not be surprised if you do not know how to fall asleep on a throwing party.

Buy a good bedding, as they will help you fall asleep quickly

Scientists have noticed that the people who turn their bedroom into a real “dream palace” by buying an expensive bed, lots of accessories, such as plush toys, can have more joy by falling asleep faster. If you buy new sheets, on which you just dream to stretch out, you will think of sleeping in a positive way. Your subconscious mind will push you to the bed itself.

How to fall asleep at night? You need to make the bed in the morning!

Do not forget to make your bed in the morning and hide all the bedding. Scientists have noticed that people who regularly clean up the bed, and sleep better than those who do not. This little ritual is a signal to our brain that triggers the program “Dream”.

How to fall asleep quickly? It is necessary to adhere strictly to the schedule

Not only the children must go to bed at the same time. By going to bed and waking up on schedule, you crank your “internal clock”. Your body learns to feel tired every night, and you’ll sleep like a baby. In the morning you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Pets do not belong in your bedroom

Your dog or cat can be incredibly helpful and responsive, but you can`t keep the pet in the bedroom. It is a mistake to think that sleeping cat casts your sleep. Scientists have discovered that people who leave the pets in the bedroom pets wake up at least once at night.

Do not sleep on weekends

If you have problems with insomnia, then do not go to bed in the afternoon of Saturday or Sunday. This nap would very severely affect your “internal clock”. The extra sleep on weekends leads to insomnia during the workweek.

Early dinner benefits to good sleep

You would need to have dinner before 6 pm, and not before 9 or 10. Late meal not only leads to extra weight on your body but also deprives you of sleep. You can eat at work or in a restaurant, but at home, all the time should be given to communicating with loved ones. It ‘s hard, but it will help you to fall quickly asleep and live longer.

Choose for dinner the food that benefits your sleeping

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, food affects our sleep. Nutrients contained in the products may have a different effect on our body. Do you not know how to fall asleep? Then eat fish. It contains vitamin B6, which our body converts to melatonin – a sleep-inducing hormone. You should choose foods high in tryptophan, like walnuts or milk. Now you may understand why doctors sometimes recommend a glass of hot milk, as a remedy for insomnia?

In the afternoon you can take a nap, but no later than 5 pm

If you are so tired during the day and desire to sleep, you can take a little nap. You should remember, that you need to wake up no later than 5 pm. Then in the evening you will travel very quickly into the kingdom of Morpheus.

Buy correct curtains

Good curtains should not allow beams or lights from the street disrupt your dreaming. There is enough darkness in your bedroom in the night? You forget about the street lights, lit windows, cars, and the moon. Buy thick curtains that do not pass light, and you will improve your sleep. By the way, they will lower the noise level.

Drink coffee just before lunch

Even if you are an avid coffee lover and can not live a day without a glass of hot and fragrant drink, you still should follow the habit in the morning only. Well, the maximum, you can still have a pint or two before dinner, but not later. Caffeine derives from our body for about 6 hours. All this time it has an invigorating effect. Therefore, give up coffee in the afternoon and evening to sleep at night.

Become an early riser

Scientists have noticed that the “early birds,” people who wake up with the first rays of the sun, go to sleep faster. In contrast to the “late risers” – night birds. Yes, tough to be reconstructed, but the results worth it. 75% of “early birds ” know exactly how to fall asleep quickly.

Illuminate evening snacks

Sometimes at night you may desire to eat something delicious. For example, only one piece of cake. If you do not overcome this desire, the blood sugar level rises, and the desire to sleep will go down. It seems to be eating quite a bit, but you can not go to sleep that quickly already.


A good hot bath, a pleasant half an hour of relaxing music with your eyes closed, massage – all this helps us relieve stress and relax. The Hot tub is especially useful. Our body is heated and then gradually cools down. This contributes to the rapid fall asleep and promotes deep sleep.

Organize the process of going to sleep

In the morning we do everything right on schedule – get up, wash, brush your teeth, have breakfast, prepare your things, get dressed. And how we go to sleep? We need to build for themselves the same evening the process – make a list of required actions and strictly follow it. Constant repetition of this afternoon ritual will give the correct command our brain and activates the sleep centers.

Limit fluid intake before bedtime

Frequent urging bladder can destroy even the soundest sleep. Try to drink less liquid before bedtime. Then you will rarely have to get out of bed.

No work after 9 pm

Your partners will understand if you do not reply to emails after 21:00. And nothing will happen with your diary – planning the next day is also needed to complete before nine pm. Get into the habit – to turn off a smartphone and a computer at this time. Your brain is tired. You are unlikely to find the solution of pressing problems in the evening. And if you sleep well and meet the new day refreshed – any problems become a quite an easy task.

Learn to reduce stress

Scientists inform that the primary cause of insomnia is stress. Unless you find out how to win this state, the pressure will dominate upon your healthy sleeping. The methods are quite various, someone makes an aquarium with tropical fish, burning fireplace or a massage. Others recommend strength training or even a boxing match. Our ancestors did not suffer from stress – they took up a club or an axe and removed its source. Of course, we can not throw an ax in the head of the boss, but you need to release the steam. Any stress relievers are appropriate in this situation.

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