Instead of us to continue to grow into modifying our cultures to rhyme with our need to develop, what the current generation who are suppose to know better do is to continue to increase the number of taboos that had hitherto hindered the true exploration of our potentials.  I come here to attempt to give scenarios that indicate the increasing number of these increasing unnecessary taboos that have neither any connection with God nor any connection with common sense. 
Growing up as a young man, I noticed that it was wrong for me to wear English clothes around my neighborhood because the reaction and reception I get is that which indicates my kind of dressing to be a sort of a taboo but on what that is hinged is a question that I still require an answer to till tomorrow. What this indicated to me was that the society simply wanted me to imbibe just a one type of mentality and derailing from it by any form of an inch gets people to create an impression about you that may lead them to completely demoralizing you if your spirit is not that which is strong as is the case with majority of the youths from my part of the country. Going into the education sector, you will notice in schools that those teachers or lecturers who decide to be thorough in their approach to teaching are hated by the students making it look like why should you research and know too much and also attempting to impact it on us. This psyche also makes it look like a taboo to well learned talk more of trying to impact it. Therefore, it has become more of a permanent feeling among growing up and grown up Nigerians that you only go to school to obtain a certificate (Kpali) regardless of the content that must have been assimilated; it is also more of a taboo for you to be appropriately educated if not you will be termed ‘over sabi’. Moving on again, you will notice also that it is almost a permanent feeling in Nigeria that the moment a youth gets married, it is almost mandatory that you should begin to act like a 60 year old whose life has almost ended and so must stop every other endeavor and join the bandwagon of belief of numerous problems existing in the house and around you, this way your thinking capability is seriously diminished and substituted with thinking of problems existing around you at every point in time. This makes it more like a taboo for a young man to have a life and act his age for the simple stupid reason that he is married; I don’t know where this is coming from or what it is hinged on. I have made a lot of my friends who got married and can’t even mingle and operate or understand the workings of the world in synonymity with the times. They have become suddenly very old both in heart and appearance. It is also more of a taboo in Nigeria for you to keep fit and be slim, Nigerians simply want to see people getting fat and obese in a proof of trying to show enjoyment or whatever, I don’t even understand. Some stupid people will see someone after a long time and because of lack of what to say the first question will be why are you slim and not fat; depicting you are suffering or something and honestly I get so numbed and cannot even fathom anything. Obesity is a disease and people who are obese are susceptible to life threatening ailments. It is also a taboo in Nigeria for you to invoke your wisdom and choose to be expressing them just like I am doing on this one right here. I could not understand the kind of rave and rejection I got for choosing to practice something (writing)I have  a crush on. That got me very sick even though I later understood it as giving enough more reasons to understand the kind of society Nigeria is turning into and the need for me to understand how to develop a life in it. You should not write, you should not aspire, you should just follow the bandwagon even if you don’t believe or understand it. Hmmm. Do you also know that it’s more of a taboo for any Nigerian youth to express leadership capabilities? Because they won’t follow you. Your leadership mentality will not go well with them and will appear to them like a taboo attitude and they won’t just like it. It is a taboo for you to attempt to build drones, airplanes, computer chips, softwares, hardwares, implements and anything progressive because they won’t believe in it, they cannot even be in solidarity with you as per encouraging the government or anybody to support you. The number of the taboos that had been there cannot be fully explored talk more of talking about their increasing numbers by the day. The modus for acceptability in the majority of the Nigerian society is the exhibition of hypocrisy but if you decide to stay away from that then get ready for accepting hatred and isolation. 
From the above illustrations, it is clear why Nigeria will continue to be what it is unless some sort of miracle comes around. Even though we have the ability to produce the best human brains and innovations, we can’t because it’s a taboo to have such tendencies unless you only choose to deliberately break away and do your thing. Did also not notice that anything goes in the country? It’s because nobody cares to analyze deeply into issues, it’s a taboo to do so and even those who go against the odds and do so are hated and misunderstood. Everything about the state of our nation is the reflection of the thoughts of the people and their resistance to improve on it by imbibing sophistication. 
Unless the Nigerian youths deliberately choose to understand the need to drop the old order and also understand that those things we see as taboo are in themselves sin against God, forget about seen any change in the country regarding politics, morals and economy.   
May God chose to drop that miracle urgently needed by Nigeria to finally explode. Ameen. 
Meanwhile congratulations to president-elect Donald Trump who decided to continue to believe in what he was doing despite the hatred and controversy. Always believe in what you are convinced of. 
Hashim Suleiman