​You see, Nigeria is not a sane country. No, I mean the people called Nigerians are insane. Like Achebe, there is nothing wrong with Nigeria as a country but unlike Achebe, there is something fundamentally wrong with the people. I have seen what Nigeria’s leadership looks like and I am tired of blaming any politician. They are all the same! They are always in cahoots with one another. The average Nigerian politician is interested in his pocket. He is deeply ingrained in how to satisfy his whims and would look you in the eye, trample on your rights and never give a damn. That is why  a catastrophic governor like Ajimobi, one lacking in finesse and with no iota of comportment, would slam students who are simply asking him to open their school, having been closed for 8 months. You can see why the Nigerian people are insane? 
As much as the leadership conundrum in Nigeria is to be blamed on the political elites, even more blame should be heaped on the follower-ship. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Over the years, and since the January coup of 1966, no cohesive movement appear to exist among the follower-ship willing to check the iniquities of its leadership. What Nigeria has had are citizens deeply divided along religious and ethnic lines which the leadership uses as a veritable tool to blind the follower-ship from seeing the larger picture. The follower-ship in Nigeria has remained stubbornly docile and show strong apathy towards the political process. This has readily produced a sort of leadership in their own image – a leadership that sees political office as its personal fiefdom and not for service to the electorate. As a result, the Nigerian political space is imbued with individuals who are wont to serve political godfathers and pursue interests that suit their private ambitions.  
The lethargic silence from the follower-ship while the leadership commits itself to political fanfare could partly explain why Nigeria has not shown any serious attempt at moving itself out of its decade-long socio-economic and political predicaments. There is the followers-hip that is rather interested in mobbing a common criminal than ‘lynching’ the leadership accused of appropriating half of the commonwealth of the citizenry.   
In a sane society, it is the people that mobilizes against a retrogressive government like those Ajimobi presides over in Oyo state. He has become the lord of the manor and readily sees himself as ‘constituted authority’ that should never be questioned even if it is from the very blind follower-ship that voted him into power a little less that a year and half ago. 
Until the mass of our people understand that they have the right to remove such nonsensical politicians from office, that is when these kind of governors will wake up from their slumber. I have heard crazy things spewed from the mouth of politicians in the past, I have however, never been this shocked at the one heard just few hours by Ajimobi against his own people. 
I will not give up on Nigeria despite the many beasts we have in power today.