Just out of the blue, we hear an anonymous female singer has released an audio recording calling for the killing of Igbo, who were described in unprintable words in the evil audio music. The song was allegedly recorded in the Hausa language and is said to be circulated in several parts of the North. It is certain that the anonymous singer is one of the messengers of hell that have taken the bait of Nnamdi Kanu and his group of fellow dolts to urinate without care in the village shrine. It is certain that her message is from hell and only the children of hell will set off and start killing because a hellish messenger tells them to do so. It is obvious that the latest effort to blare hell’s message is borne from a wicked desire to inflict pain on humanity and liberalize the theaters of bloodshed, targeting innocent citizens that are not part of the stupidity that brought about this tragedy. It is certain that the latest hell’s messenger adds to the tall list of enemies of humanity who relish in provoking and destroying what they cannot create.

I believe whoever it is that recorded and sent that musical message wants to suck some blood; she is a vampire. Vampires relish the taste of blood and she is one such heinous creature. I believe whoever it is that is behind that evil project is blood thirsty and desires the devolution of evil to satisfy a bloody craving. It is certain that the seedy characters that came up with that idea to preach genocide, murder and violence against innocent citizens are sons and daughters of a dog that wants to take the challenge of their fellow sons and daughters of dogs in Igboland who started this madness immediately after Jonathan and PDP were thrown off power in March 2015.

It is certain that whoever launched this carnivorous project desires to see charred remains of fellow Nigerians, consumed in a silly war that bears no merits to the silly purveyors of bloodletting and violence; either in the East, West, South or North of the country. It is certain that carnivorous beings are let loose on the country for very selfish and egotistic purposes. It is certain that a bloody urn has been levied by those who desire a liberalized culture of mass death and violence. It is sure that sadists, anarchists and horror vendors are let loose on Nigeria and they have an insatiable desire for human blood. 

As it is now, everything seems to be working to the chilling deadly desires of those that vowed to set the country ablaze to satiate their hurting political and other base desires. It is certain that the latest female messenger of hell had bought into the project of those that vowed they would not live and would see Nigeria consumed in violence and destruction since 2015. It is certain that the latest angel of death and carnage is buying into the anarchist mission of the Nnamdi Kanus and their IPOB confederates and that of the Arewa youths that issued a moratorium for Igbo to leave the north. It is obvious that whoever was behind the evil message that was thrown into the raging Nigerian furnace last week is consumed in the same pool of bloody desire as those that started this asinine project. Knowingly or unknowingly, the person that issued the latest fatwa against Igbo has helped the vendors of death and violence sell their bloody market. It is tragic. It is fearful, it is chilling.

Whatever is the intent of the singer that delivered that evil baby of calling for genocide against Igbo, she has failed, as the Nnamdi Kanu she was trying to match up with failed. Whatever sired that desire to call for the heads of fellow Nigerians will meet with terrible failure. Whatever the messenger of hell that did that evil art and sold it to fellow Nigerians wants to achieve will fail. She will fail because her mission is evil. She will fail because her mission is deprecating. She will fail because her goal is seedy. You might ask if all those with seedy missions failed in the past but then even as evil may have its temporary sway, it had not survived in the long run. 

I feel there is an urgent need for religious, political, traditional and community leaders in the north to go to work to frustrate these messengers of hell. There is an urgent need for all sane voices everywhere in Nigeria to rise and quench all these messengers of evil and their nasty mission. An age old aphorism says that evil triumph when good men keep quiet so there is every need for Nigerians to speak out from their respective corners to drive away these seedy characters desperate to set Nigerians against fellow Nigerians. No one gains from war, even the victor in any war counts the costs at the end of the day. We have played the ostrich for long, deifying and worshiping the idol of our respective tribes and expecting to reap whatever we perceive as the dividends of such self-consuming expeditions.

Gratefully, when the earlier messengers of hell shot out in the form of Arewa youth groups to issue ultimatum to Igbo to leave the north before October 1, northern leaders and opinionists rose with one voice to shout them down. They have been consistent in assuring Igbo of their safety in the north and urging them to disregard the ultimatum. What more, they have been extra busy in dispersing the threat and building credible assurance that should gladden the hearts of all Nigerians. The current messenger of hell presents them with an added challenge to rise up and not only clamp down on this evil messenger but work amongst their people to disown not only the messenger but also the message. Nigeria needs such urgent action. The north needs it. Igbo need this quick action and everybody will benefit from it. The north is blessed with a centralized political structure that ensures messages take little time to simmer down the ranks; to the remotest grassroots. They need to bring this into play. The evil messenger must be identified and ostracized. Nothing should be spared in ensuring she doesn’t win souls with her evil message. Everything should be done by the northern leaders, in concert with the federal and state governments in the north to rebuild confidence in Igbo who are targeted by this latest call, as in the first case. 

Having said that, I think Igbo need to go to work; urgent critical work to retrieve its land from miscreants and social outlaws. Igbo must shed their quiet tolerance of the nuisance of Nnamdi Kanu and his brood of ruffians who seem to be sworn to a mission to massively endanger the lives of Igbo, not only in the South East, but in the entire country, as these unending antagonisms against Igbo have proven. Nnamdi Kanu and his hirelings have been behaving like bulls in a china shop. Their nuisance must be tamed if not, they are going to provoke a mass assault on Ndigbo everywhere in Nigeria. The other day, we read he went to attack the Anambra governor in church. He and his band have caused enough damage to Igbo that they need to be reined in. it is becoming obvious that the more sane and informed minds in Igbo keep quiet in the face of the provocative excesses of Nnamdi Kanu and his band of miscreants, the more he puts the security and well being of Igbo, struggling in various parts of the country in grave danger. Igbo must take a quick and urgent decision on this. Enough should be enough and if Igbo refuse to cage this monster, they should be ready to pay for their complacency. Are we pretending that by denying the truth or feeling that others don’t know the root cause of this madness, we will evade the recompense for Nnamdi Kanu’s crass irresponsibility? Are we second-guessing on why we have become the objects of the persistent hatred in the north and other parts of Nigeria? I don’t see why Igbo should continue to play deaf to the dangers Kanu and his irrational actions and behavior pose to their well being and interests. For how long will they play this hypocritical role while their people slide into real danger in all parts of the country? I don’t want to belabor this issue in this report. A word should be enough for the wise.
Peter Claver Oparah writes from Ikeja, Lagos. You can reach him at peterclaver2000@yahoo.com.