For all those who are aggrieved about the outcome of the presidential and national assembly elections, They should allow the courts decide if they choose litigation which is the only civilized democratically accepted response. They should also refrain from making utterances or taking actions that will result to any upheavals as another round of voting is expected to hold next week. Its a known fact that political parties rig elections in their strongholds so both parties are guilty. Atiku also benefitted from such malpractice in the past,so I view his predicament as nemesis and karma. Buhari who was a victim in the past resorted to the judiciary so Atiku should do same.

The winners should face the task ahead and be fair to all parts of the country and constituencies whether they won or lost there, that’s the essence of elections in democracy, to Provide alternatives for choice. It is normal to expect the opposition to doubt the presidential election results released by INEC as a representation of the will of the electorates especially in Borno and Yobe because their voting day started with series of attacks believed to be lunched by insurgents who have been a security threat in the North east since 2009. Maiduguri was attacked in Borno while Buni Yadi and Gaidam were attacked almost simultaneously on the day polls are expected to be conducted to elect a president and members of the National legislature.

The GEJ administration was voted out in 2015 on his perceived lack of ideas stopping the insurgency. Buhari being a retired general was voted in 2015 with the believe he will end the crisis apparently that has not happened despite the declaration of a “technical defeat” to the insurgents announced six months after he took over. Of recent the insurgents seems to have re originated with more daring attacks on daily basis. This is one area where more efforts need to be put in place to end the Boko haram crises and others like farmers herdsmen clashes and armed banditry and kidnappings in the North west which is almost occurring daily.

APC must also begin the process of choosing and grooming a successor to Buhari very early to avoid the last minute rancour by contending successors that will arise if delayed to the last minute.