1) You are no longer popular in your office.

2) Avoid going to your former office without invitation. Where it’s absolutely necessary inform an officer of your visit so that you can be received.

3) Know that not everyone liked you while at work & so now have an opportunity to snob you.

4) Keep in touch with your coursemates as you grow in retirement because some Pharaohs in Egypt may not know your Joseph.

5) Attend celebration of coursemates. Its always a reunion with lots of fun.

6) Only a few of the people you assisted (including family members) will come around to see you often.To others you have nothing to offer.

7)Plan your days & follow your plan. Sometimes when you look at your uniform with all the medals, you have a feeling of emptiness. Get yourself occupied.

8) Traveling is great, visit places of interest and enjoy your travels.

9) Eat right, enjoy your meals but down on excessive consumption of alcohol, sugar, salt, fats and oils.

10) Do your medical check-up even when you feel healthy.

Enjoy your retirement.


Build your own house where you will live in your old age.
Build businesses that will feed you in your old age.

Create conveniences that will engage you in your old age.

Build friendship and goodwill that will serve you in your old age.

Right now, start to be relevant in your mosque or Church and community so you could be reckoned with in your old age.

* Old age could be very lonely and agonising for men/women who did not plan for it.

* May you not become a liability on your children in your old age.

* May your children not wish you an early death when they can’t manage you again in your old age.

An old age without penny in your pocket is a slow, agonising death sentence!

Be warned now…!

There are three categories of people you cannot do without as we are growing older, your family, people in your place of worship and childhood friends, who include your Old School mates.

Friends, take it or live it, at 60 and above, loneliness kills because the children you are working hard for now will go their way to raise their own immediate families and pursue their own destinies, just as we did now.

At that time it’s these people in these 3- categories that take away loneliness and keep your company.

At 50 years and above, you have 10 to 15 years of active working life.

Respect friendship and value relationship.