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Abdulkadir Ibrahim

Thousands of citizens have been killed or kidnapped on federal roads including a former Chief of Defense Staff late Air Marshal Bade and a Director of Army Administration General Alkali (also in plateau) with no serious conclusions or closure about bringing those responsible to face justice according to the rule of law.

The attacks,killings and kidnappings of travellers on federal highways is not new or peculiar to the recent unwarranted incident in plateau state.

I doubt if there’s a stretch of 100km federal road well constructed, with street lights and cameras as expected. What you see are potholes ridden roads with security personnel setting up check points to extort road users.
The recent incident should make the people in charge of federal roads to wake up to their responsibility by ensuring that all roads are repaired, well lit and technology of CCTV cameras installed. Well kitted Response units of the mobile police and emergency response teams(for accidents and road crashes) can be placed in strategic positions close to the highways in proximities of 20 Km per unit to respond to any incident that requires police or Emergency response.
Nigeria has just 35000 km of federal road so it’s doable.

May God grant the departed eternal rest and their aquanitances the fortitude to bear the loss