Babukar Tanko: A Bithday tribute

myself,Babukar and his 2 kids

myself,Babukar and his 2 kids

My friend Babukar  is today celebrating a milestone in his life as he adds one more year to his age. In 1991 our parents who were working with the Adamawa state goverment as civil servants introduced us to each other in Abeokuta where we had secured admission into Nigerian Navy Secondary school Abeokuta as JSS 1 students. Prior to this Babukar and I have Attended the same Arabic school but did not have any attatchments. meeting in a new environment made it inevitable for us from the same state to become friends. After the introduction our parents urged us to go and see each others hostel before coming back to say good bye, unknown to us it was a ploy to avoid the emotional goodbyes associatedc with the sepration from loved ones. when we came back our parents had disappeared leaving us a message with PO Adamu who was to become our guardian. This is the story of a friendship that has spanned 21 years. Through out our secondary school days we shared the same class and dormitory to the extent that most people who knew us thought we were brothers.

Buzki is happily Married to Amina and are blessed with two lovely children among which is my very own Godson Najib. Babukar hails from Guyuk local Government area of Adamawa state. He has two sibblings a brother and a sister parented by Alh Tanko Bala and Haj Saratu Bala.
In the National University commission where he works Tanko as he is fondly called by colleagues is a house hold Name. His can do spirit and organisational abilities have already bestowed some popularity within the system.
As you celebrate another succeSs filled year I pray that Almighty Allah will grant you all your hearts desire among which am sure of a political office. Happy birthday my friend SEE you at the top


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