God’s Private Jets And Limousines By Ogaga Ifowodo

And it came to pass, that the
congregation of the Lord in the
Word of Life Bible Church took count
of the forty years marked by the
wonderful things that Jehovah, God
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had
done through his humble servant,
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in their lives
and they were ashamed that they
had treated the anointed servant of
the Lord very poorly. They had left
him to the indignity of traveling by
car and commercial air travel to his
many deliverance missions in near
and far places even when his fellow
Daddy Overseers owned private
jets. And being deeply shamed,
they said unto themselves, Behold,
in this year of our Lord, our father in
Christ shall mark the fortieth year of
the “unique anointing upon his life”
that has “brought Salvation,
Deliverance, Revival, Healing and
outstanding Miracles to millions
across the world as God’s power is
demonstrated with signs and
Now, therefore, let us hasten and do
unto him according to the riches
with which the Lord has blessed us;
let us buy for him a private jet. And
in this, we shall do as our brethren
in the Living Faith Ministries did
unto Bishop David Oyedepo, and in
the Redeemed Christian Church of
God unto Pastor Enoch Adeboye,
and in the Redeemed Evangelical
Mission unto Bishop Mike Okonkwo,
and in Christ Embassy Church unto
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Then shall
we present the aircraft as a gift to
our Papa Ayo, that he may fly
without hindrance, delay or
discomfort to the farthest reaches of
the world, where the people walk in
darkness and do not know God, and
have not confessed Jesus Christ as
their Lord and personal savior, for
behold, the kingdom of God is at
hand. Yea, let us do this mighty
thing in the sight of the Lord that
we may cease to be the laughing
stock of our brethren in Christ who
say of us, Surely, their God is a poor
God! Wherefore do they preach
prosperity? Oh, their God is a poor
God indeed!
And it came to pass that on the
10th day of November in the year of
the Lord, which also is the
anniversary of his birth, the
congregants presented unto their
pastor, Papa Ayo, who also is the
spiritual leader of Christians in all of
Nigeria, a Bombardier 601 Aircraft,
the cost of which is about $5
million. And the same was done in
the presence of the President, Dr
Goodluck Jonathan, who knows a
thing or two about not one but a
fleet of jets and their constant
replenishment. And the president,
whom Jehovah, God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob, appointed over his
people in the un-promised land of
Nigeria, gave testimony of the
servant of the Lord in words that I
understand thus, Verily I say unto
you, Papa Ayo is the uniquely
anointed son of God in whom He is
well pleased. Hear and honour him
with every material thing of which
your hands and the blessing they
have received are capable; but
which, in his own words, went thus,
“I can say without any equivocation
that Oritsejafor, from the very
humble beginning in 1972, has
moved from strength to strength. …
he is a Christian visionary leader
who preaches the words (sic) of God
clearly and eloquently as a good
shepherd … He has earned his
respect among his peers and this
explains why he is holding the two
very important positions in
Christendom in Nigeria as the
President of CAN, and President of
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.”
And the congregants made a great
shout, such as could have felled the
walls of Jericho, and there was
dancing and merriment and the
offering of praise to Jehovah who
had brought this great deed to
pass, according to his riches and
glory, that the world may know that
he is Lord and there is none like
Since Pastor Oritsejafor loudly
entered the Jet-set Club, many
Nigerians disturbed by the
phenomenon of unabashed
embrace of a hedonism usually
associated with the heathen have
begun to ask questions about what
a true life of the spirit entails. And
the fruits of the prosperity gospel
that has overawed a nation steeped
in grinding poverty have now begun
to set on edge the teeth of a few in
the fold. Pastor Tunde Bakare of the
Latter Rain Assembly, for instance,
does not believe that without
private jets the gospel suffers. And I
agree. After all, Mary Slessor did not
sail from Scotland to Calabar in a
private ocean liner. Nor did St Paul
or any of the apostles, founders of
evangelism, need the equivalent of
a private yacht for their mission.
Bakare sees not soul-winning but
soul-weaning, the separation of
church-goers, majority of them
poor, from their means of keeping
body and soul together. He sees
thieves in priests’ clothing and
would have them imprisoned and
then cast into the hottest part of
hell on judgement day.
But not so some of his brethren
whose doctrine of prosperity has
long done away with the key tenet
of sacrifice. So we have heard the
defenders of high-flying predator
capitalists in cassock and collar, and
very often in pin-striped suits, say
that a pastor is deserving of his
reward. Here on earth.“There is
nothing wrong for a preacher to own
(sic) a jet. If people in the secular
world can acquire jets for chief
executive officers of big private
enterprises, there is nothing wrong
in giving gifts to a man of God of
Pastor Oritsejafor’s standing. … He
deserves what he has been given,”
says one Reverend El-Buba, General
Overseer of Evangelical Bible
Outreach Ministries International,
Jos, clearly anticipating his own jet
for the glorious all-nations-for-Christ
crusades and revivals; though this
always excludes, quite conveniently,
places like North Korea, Russia,
Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China,
India, and even good old Judaist
Israel. And, of course, there is
nothing wrong with comparing self-
proclaimed men of God and
churches to CEOs and business
The Pharisee-pastors and
congregants defending crass
materialism think they answer their
critics by claiming that the jets
belong to the church, and not to the
Daddy Overseers. The only problem
is the damning evidence of bondage
to Mammon; of the manic setting up
of treasures here on earth: palatial
mansions, jewelry, fleets of luxury
cars (even including stretch
Ye shall know the truth and the
truth shalt set ye free? Here is the
truth: the predator capitalists in
cassock and collar are rich men in
the manner of that poignant parable
of Christ in Matthew 19. A rich man,
who has followed the
commandments, comes to the
barefoot carpenter to know what
else he might do to gain eternal
life. Jesus says tells him to go and
sell all that he has, distribute to the
poor so he shall have treasure in
heaven, and then “come and follow
me.” Whereupon the rich man went
away sorrowful, “for he had great
possessions.” Prompting Christ to
utter the famous words, “It is easier
for a camel to go through the eye of
a needle, than for a rich man to
enter into the kingdom of God.”


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