Fashola gives hope at APC summit

Last Thursday, All Progressives Congress, APC, held
its inaugural National Summit in Abuja. The day
heralded the beginning of journey to a new agenda
with esteemed speakers and panelists as well as a
long list of skilled, capable contributors who attended
the event.
Among personalities and national leaders at the event
were: National leaders, Major General Mohammadu
Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ogbonnaya Onu
and Chief Bisi Akande; members of the Interim
National Executive Committee; Governors and
members of the Party’s Strategy Committee which
includes : Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, Garba
MuhammedGadi, AbdulazeezAbubakar Yari, Senator
Osita Izunaso, MallamNasir El-Rufai, Senator
BunmiAdetunmbi, Hon. Pally Iriase, HajiaHadizaBala-
Usman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Mr. Jimi Lawal,
AlhajiNasirAlikoki and the young man who manages
the committee’s secretariat, Mr. Terfa Tilley-Gyado.
“Our party owes them a huge debt of gratitude for
their incredible work on both the Code of Ethics and
the Roadmap to a New Nigeria,” Governor Babatunde
Fashola stated in his address.The governor explained
why APC is the next party for the rein of nation’s
administration come 2015.
Fashola’s speech read:
“This is a historic day not only for the APC but also
for our nation. The work we begin today is the work
that will build a New Nigeria; a future when there are
jobs for everyone who wants to work; a future without
leaders who deprive the very families they are
supposed to protect; A future of peace and stability; a
future when Nigeria can feed its families; a future
when a Nigerian education is as good as any
education in the world; a future when the high prices
of food and fuel don’t undermine every family’s
quality of life.
“This is the future that we start to build here, today.
This is why we have come from all parts of the
From the Northwest and Southeast; from the North
Central and the South South; from the Northeast and
Southwest. We have come from all regions of our
great nation to show our unity; to show our love for
our country; to show our commitment to each other
and to building a New Nigeria.
“And while we come together today as APC members
to support the mission, principles and work of the
APC, we come together first and foremost as
“The future we envision, the future we will build
together, is not just for one political party; it is not
just for one region; it is not just for one community, it
is for all Nigerians. And that future is a future of
“Our nation longs for change and the APC is
committed to leading a movement for change. Look
no further than how the party was formed; we in this
room are the products of the first ever merger of
political parties in Nigerian history and many of those
who devised and directed that merger will talk with us
today, telling us how it happened and what it will
mean for the nation.Today,we’re just not going to talk
about change; we’re going to embody change. So
today, not only will we get a look at our “Roadmap to
a New Nigeria” in the afternoon, but this morning, we
will start something maybe no other political party
has ever done for a long time – we’ll present a Code
of Ethics – a set of guiding principles that will be our
common bond together and to the nation; a set of
values that will direct our activities and actions.
“If our values and our principles are shared, it will be
easy to work together to implement our roadmap for
Change and a New Nigeria.
The APC is a home for all Nigerians
“It’s already happening. The turnout for membership
registration exceeded even the largest projections. It
was a turnout of Nigerians of diverse backgrounds all
across the country who shared a belief in the need for
change. It was a turnout of Nigerians who shared a
belief that together we can build a New Nigeria.It was
a turnout of people who have had enough of division
in our country; people tired of the politicians who turn
one group against another for their own political gain.
We’ve all seen it. We all know how it works. We all
know how demeaning it is to our nation.
“Look around our country, what has division brought
us? Has it brought us peace? Has it brought us
prosperity? Has it brought the future we’ve wanted
for our family, for our children.No, it hasn’t. We must
come together. We must work together. We must live
in peace together. We must choose unity.
“And today, we declare that we make it clear to the
nation. The APC chooses unity.This room is a living
testament to that choice and that commitment.This
room is a celebration of the cultural diversity that
gives our nation such great promise.
“And while we embrace and honor those differences,
what brings us together today is what we all hold in
common. We are tied together by what we believe:
we believe our nation must be economically and
socially vibrant. We believe our nation must be
peaceful, just and secure. We believe that corruption
must no longer be tolerated in any corner of our
nation, not in political life and not in our business or
civic affairs. We believe in investing in our people,
because they are the most important assets of our
nation. We believe every person deserves work that
enables them to provide for their families, to
contribute to the community and to have a favorable,
quality of life.
“This is what we believe.This is what brings us
together.This is our mission, the mission of our party;
the mission of our nation.No party in more than
fifteen years has done what we’ll do today; publicly,
and most importantly, together as a party, tell Nigeria
what we believe in a meeting, not in a rally, not in the
middle of a political campaign.
But systematically and transparently – we want
people to know what we stand for, we want people to
know about the change we are offering; we want
people to join us in building a New Nigeria: A nation
of progress, a nation of hope, a nation of opportunity.
A nation together.
One Nigeria.36 States but one Nigeria;290 ethnic
groups but one Nigeria;521 languages but one
Nigeria. The new nation we want, the new Nigeria of
our dreams. It is only possible through unity. It is
only possible if we value each and every person and
hold tight every child as our greatest asset. It is only
possible if we respect every person’s choice of faith.
It is only possible if we commit ourselves to one rule
of law for everyone, if we commit ourselves to
fairness and opportunity for all; if we commit
ourselves to a strong system of government at the
federal, state and local levels. It is only possible if we
bridge our inequalities and if we put our nation back
to work.
“There cannot be true freedom when there are not
enough jobs.There cannot be shared opportunity
when there are not enough jobs.There cannot be
peace and justice when there are not enough
jobs.These are the promises we must make to each
other, the promises we must make to our brothers
and sisters across our nation from Sokoto to Rivers,
from Borno to Oyo, from Adamawa to Lagos.
These are the commitments that forge our mutual
bond; these are our code of ethics.When times are
tough, when our pathway becomes hard to navigate,
when forces block our way forward, when challenges
stand in the way of our vision, when hope seems just
outside our grip, this set of principles must guide our
“When people ask us, who we are,when people ask
us, what we believe,when people ask us, what makes
the APC different,we will tell them, we have a code of
ethics.We will tell them we have a roadmap to the
future.We will tell them that Nigeria is a great nation
that has been misdirected.We will tell them that no
nation, no people are more hardworking but that we
need jobs.
We will tell them that our youth are ready to do great
things, to make history, to lead our nation, to lead
Africa, but they need opportunity.We will tell them
that when we come together, celebrate our diversity,
accept each other and stand together as one Nigeria,
there is nothing we cannot achieve. We will tell them
the APC is ready to build a new Nigeria.What we’re
talking about today is our future.We can accept the
Nigeria we have or we can build a new Nigeria”.
We can accept a stagnant, jobless economy or we can
build a new Nigeria.We can accept a Government that
cannot account to us or we can change it and build a
new Nigeria.
And let there be no doubt about the link between
corruption and jobs. If we had a government that is
serious about fighting corruption, there would be
financial resources to create jobs. Instead of stopping
this corruption, this government pardons those
convicted of corruption and removes those who point
out corruption.
Corruption has drained our national strength and we
need change.
We’re here today because we’ve all made our choice.
We’ve chosen a new Nigeria. Over the next year, let’s
make sure the nation joins us and makes the same
choice. The whole of Africa is waiting for us to play
our leadership role and the rest of the world is
The APC is not going to abdicate that responsibility.
This is going to be an exciting and illuminating day
My fellow delegates, together, we will build a New
Nigeria. God Bless you all, Long live the APC, And
long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Culled from http://www.codewit.com/nigeria-news/16803-nigeria-fashola-gives-hope-at-apc-summit


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