“It Is Too Late” – A Letter To Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala By Dotun Oloko

Dear Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala:

I am in receipt of
your letter of March 25th which was in
response to our letter of the same date and will
provide a substantive response in due course.
However, I would like to address some aspects
of your letter now.
To begin with, if I in any way gave you or
anyone else the impression that I was seeking
to damage your anti-corruption record or
reputation because of a personal vendetta that I
had or have against you, I must apologise
sincerely and state that that was not my
intention. For the record, I do not know you
personally and have only had cause to interact
with you in your official capacity as Minister of
Finance. However, I was deeply offended and
outraged by your response to our September
2013 letter that I felt duty bound to expose your
carefully constructed veneer of respectability
and probity.
It is indicative of the extent to which you have
come to believe in your own masquerade that
you would think that your protestations in your
25th March letter would carry any weight. It
may not have dawned on you that our 25th
March letter to you was in itself a signal that
your credibility had been damaged by your
response to the Sanusi revelations. It has
escaped your notice that we acceded to your
pleas to withdraw our September 2013 letter
because others excluding myself, were swayed
by your claim that we would be putting you at
risk. We subsequently wrote to you again on the
25th of March because we concluded that your
claim was no longer valid in light of the Sanusi
revelations and seeing as you had had some six
months or so to put your affairs in order and
take appropriate action. It was considered that
two instances of non-repatriation of funds to
the Federation account under your watch was
one too many.
I take offence at your suggestion that I would
make use of the “platform of a disreputable,
corrupt and fraudulent online paper to make
uninformed remarks about [you] and level false
allegations”. I would however like to take this
opportunity to thank Sahara Reporters for
providing me with a platform to bring what I
consider to be a matter of national importance
into the public domain. It is thanks to reputable
and trusted media like Sahara Reporters that
disreputable, corrupt and fraudulent public
officials like you can be exposed.
You have described me as “scurrilous” because
of my publicly stated opinion that you are an
unfit person to be a Minister. If as you have
stated those reasons are uniformed and false it
is only right and proper that you state which
ones you found to be so. Nigerians may wish to
ponder why you would choose to mount your
unsubstantiated defence in private to an
international coalition of NGOs without
according the Nigerian public that you purport
to serve, the same consideration.
You also referred to me as “underhanded”,
without elaborating further. However, I would
submit that urging us privately to take action
against your cabinet colleagues whom you
identified as the pillars of corruption, while
publicly representing that all is well within the
administration that you all serve in is
underhanded. I would also submit that your
attempts to undermine the credibility of a public
officer like Sanusi who performed his duty
fearlessly, when you yourself failed to do so
because of your cowardice are both scurrilous
and underhanded.
I can assure you that we shall be providing a
substantive response to your letter in due
course and it is too late to embellish your
blighted veneer. The days when corrupt public
officials like you, can stand up and say
whatever they like in the misguided belief that
Nigerians and the wider public will just lap it all
up like they used to are coming to an end.

God bless Nigeria


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