How to end Boko Haram attacks – By By Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Kulwant Singh and Dr. David Leffler .

Violence and conflict have plagued mankind
throughout history, and the terrorist attacks by
Boko Haram are just a current manifestation.
How can Nigeria protect itself from future
attacks? Ideally, the best way to guard against
emerging terrorist threats would be to have no
enemies. No enemies no terrorism! An
unfamiliar but effective human resource-based
called Invincible Defence Technology would help
the military of Nigeria to begin creating a lasting
peace by preventing such enemies from arising,
both internally and externally.
Invincible Defence Technology (IDT) is a
scientifically validated solution to conflict and
violence. There are over 50 published studies
confirming its effectiveness. This recently
revived method of preventive defense promises
to end terrorism and conflict. Its adoption in
Nigeria can set an example of peace-based
defense for the rest of the world – something all
leaders would value.
Militaries have tried to quell violence and
conflict through a dynamic approach, i.e., with
weaponry and military personnel. But,
interestingly, even with advanced weapons, they
cannot eliminate problems like terrorism.
New terrorist threats constantly emerge, and the
number of terrorist cadres and cells continues to
grow. Even with more fully equipped police and
paramilitary forces, militaries cannot eradicate
them. More alarming, defense experts predict
that terrorists will soon start using portable,
easily concealed weapons of mass destruction to
launch their attacks around the world. Imagine
the dire ramifications for Nigeria if a dangerous
terrorist group like Boko Haram could obtain
such devastating weaponry.
War, conflict, violence and terrorism are human
problems. They require a human solution. So the
question remains: Can war and terrorism be
prevented with the military methods used in the
past? Again and again, history shows that the
answer is “no.” War, conflict, violence and
terrorism are human problems.
Therefore, they require a human solution. Their
underlying cause is accumulated stress in
society’s collective consciousness. If the
collective consciousness is full of tension and
fear, then disorder is more likely to erupt into
some specific act of violence than if the
prevailing mood is one of contentment. Social
injustice and unfavorable economic conditions
in and contribute to chaotic environments.
Unresolved religious, territorial, political, and
cultural differences further add to the unrest.
A dissatisfied and frustrated population
contributes to its own instability. Thus a
dissatisfied and frustrated population
contributes to its own instability. The build-up
of this sort of tension is dangerous to any
nation’s sovereignty, producing an unstable
government that is prone to war.
However, if the collective social stress driving
these problems is prevented, negative
manifestations would cease. Thus, zero collective
stress ultimately means no war and no
Invincible Defense Technology is rooted in the
ancient Vedic knowledge of India, which
describes the best approach to prevention as
Heyam duhkham anagatam (Yoga-Sutra 2.16):
“Avert the danger before it arises.”
Similarly, Yoga-Sutra 2.35 affirms Tat sannidhau
vairatyagah : “In the vicinity of Yogic influence –
unifying influence, integrating influence,
coherent and harmonious influence – conflicting
tendencies do not arise.” These ancient
principles were effectively applied in past, and
they have already been successfully applied in
today’s world, with commendable results.
According to Vedic tradition, conflict results
from ignorance – ignorance of how to prevent
the build-up of collective stress through the
harmonizing influence of coherence. For
example, the Ramayana states that “…ignorance
will have no access within eight miles from (the
Yogi’s hermitage).”The Ramayana describes the
ancient city of Ayodhya , whose name means
“Invincible.” Certainly, Ayodhya relied on the
conventional defense technologies of its time.
For instance, “It was enclosed by strong
fortifications and a deep moat, which no enemy,
by any expedient whatsoever, could penetrate.”
Also, “ Ayodhya abounded in warriors
undefeated in battle, fearless and skilled in the
use of arms, resembling lions guarding their
mountain caves.” However, the descriptions of
the enlightened, stress-free life of the
inhabitants of Ayodhya indicate that its first line
of defense was the city’s freedom from collective
stress. According to the Ramayana, this low
stress level, based on life in harmony with
Natural Law, made Ayodhya worthy of its name.
In today’s modern cities, however, social stress
gets generated by countless violations of natural
laws (i.e., crimes are committed every day).
People’s weakness results in an inability to find
positive and life-supporting ways to fulfill their
desires. Crime contributes to a growing cloud of
negativity for a city and for a nation. When the
stress from crime, frustration, unhappiness and
lack of national fulfillment grows beyond a
certain limit it spontaneously erupts into
terrorism and war. Therefore, ignorance, or
lack of understanding of how to act in accord
Natural Law, is responsible for suffering in
human affairs.
Implementing Ideal National Defense
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi revived the practical
components of this silent approach for national
defense. They are all-known around the world
as the Transcendental Meditation R and TM-
SidhiR program. These programs are evidenced-
based solutions, with a substantial amount of
published, peer-reviewed research that has
accumulated since 1970. Because they are
human resource-based technologies, they are
easy to implement and practice.
It is important to note that they do not involve
religious belief or practices. Members of many
faiths worldwide have practiced these
meditation techniques. Extensive scientific
research documents the ability of the TM and
TM-Sidhi program to dissolve stress on the
individual and collective levels.
Could the ideal of Ayodhya’s preventive defense
again be accomplished by militaries today? Yes!
It is already starting to happen now. Military-
related leaders in the USA, Latin America, and
Africa, are applying TM because peer-reviewed
scientific papers have confirmed that regular
practice produces many other wide-ranging,
measurable benefits. These include increased
intelligence, creativity; reduced stress and
improved health; and more fulfilling and
harmonious interpersonal relationships.
Most importantly to warriors, TM increases
resilience, mental clarity and physical strength
as well enhancing mind-body coordination (See
Defence and Security Alert, Vol. 4, Issue No. 8,
pages 34-39). Also, from a practical standpoint,
the TM program is easy to do and has no
religious philosophy attached. For nearly sixty
years it has been taught to millions of people
(including schoolchildren and their teachers)
around the world from every race, cultural
background, religion, ethnicity and educational
Are soldiers willing participants in such an
unusual endeavor? Again, yes! A study was
conducted by Ecuadorian army psychologists to
assess the value of the IDT preventive defense
program after its soldiers had been practicing it
for one month. The results? Over 96% of the
soldiers thought it was a very practical activity.
Why are these warriors convinced? As the study
showed, 92% felt their performance in activity
had improved and they were better able to deal
with stress; 96% declared their relationships
with others had improved; and 95% said their
practice of IDT was completely satisfying.
The operative part of IDT requires having a
Prevention Wing of the military. This wing is
comprised of a small portion of the armed
forces of a country. The rest of the military
carries on with their usual duties. The
Prevention Wing of the military creates societal
coherence by practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi
program in large groups morning and evening.
Their collective
practice produces positive benefits for both
themselves and their adversaries. Peaceful
overtures increase from all sides.
Similar coherence-creating groups have been
deployed in many war zones and conflict-prone
areas with great success. Extensive scientific
research indicates that when the square root of
1% of the population practices the advanced TM-
Sidhi program in a group, a “field effect” is
Scientists call this field effect the “Maharishi
Effect.” Many carefully controlled studies have
documented and validated positive social trends
such as reduced conflict and lowered crime rate
resulting from the Maharishi Effect. These
studies have been scrutinized and published in
respected peer-reviewed journals such as Social
Indicators Research, Journal of Conflict
Resolution, Journal of Mind and Behavior and
Journal of Crime and Justice.
This coherence-creating effect has also been
documented on a global scale in a study
published in the Journal of Offender
Rehabilitation. When large assemblies of
practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program exceeded
the Maharishi Effect threshold for the world
(about 7,000 at that time) during the years
1983-1985, international conflict decreased 32%,
terrorist casualties
decreased 72%, and violence was reduced in
other nations without intrusion by other
IDT is a force multiplier because it creates
coherence for the entire military and the whole
country, thus making everyone’s jobs easier.
While the majority of the military continues with
the dynamic approach (weaponry, equipment,
training), the minority implements the silent
approach of Invincible Defense Technology.
Defense of the nation is perfect, thus
invincible, when both these approaches are
The military of Nigeria cannot solve the problem
of terrorism by standard military means alone.
It also needs a silent approach that will help
people focus more on peaceful means of settling
differences. Nigeria needs to deploy Prevention
Wings of the Military immediately to prevent
terrorism, and achieve true invincibility and
permanent peace. The authors urge Nigerian
leaders to immediately adopt this evidence-
based approach.

Major General Singh (rtd) leads an international
group of generals and defense experts that
advocates Invincible Defense Technology, while
Leffler is the Executive Director of the Center for
Advanced Military Science (CAMS).

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