Labaran Maku: Sycophancy Taken Too Far By Godfrey Dansabo

That Mr Labaran Maku, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and
former Deputy Governor of Nasarawa state is fast gaining
notoriety in the act of dishing out puerile allegations and
cheap diatribe against perceived or imagined ‘enemies’ of
government is no longer news. Mr. Maku has earned for himself
the unenviable sobriquet of a celebrated sycophant and
garrulous government official who takes much delight in making
more enemies for his boss instead of projecting the system in
positive light.
Think of a government official who is notable for making
careless and unguarded statements in human history, the name
Labaran Maku readily comes to mind. His latest outburst or
what could be termed a gaffe when he conveniently blamed the
ongoing security hiccups in some parts of the country on
northern governors further reveals the true identity of
Labaran Maku. Is this part of his desperate attempts to pitch
these hardworking governors against other Nigerians? Could
this be a joke or idiocy? This is simply a case of sycophancy
taken to an absurd level.
If there is any good we can do to our dear country in this
trying times is to support genuine efforts aimed at ending
insurgency and not to fan the ember of disunity or civil unrest
by making unguarded statements. The same man who wastes no
time in cautioning politicians against heating up the polity
through unrefined comments now takes delight in conveniently
doing what he serially condemns. I am particularly alarmed by
Mr Maku’s repeated efforts to tag key northern elements,
especially governors as those responsible for the mindless
blood-letting, tension and uncertainty prevalent in the north.
He hardly addresses attention-seeking issues, instead
dissipates energy and resources on pedestrian and narrow-
minded issues. Maku’s actions are largely counter-productive.
His position as the number information manager of government
requires that he makes tireless efforts to feed the masses
with healthy information and not choke them up with
We truly know those to call our enemies when we see or hear
about them. Without fear of contradiction, Mr Maku is one of
them! He should tell the world what he stands to gain in his
desperate attempt to malign, discredit and maliciously accuse
northern governors and their leaders of being responsible for
rising insecurity in the region. The allegation is as puerile,
hollow, baseless, shallow and cheap as the originator. In whose
interest and sake in Mr Maku doing all these? Was he brought
on board to tarnish the hard-earned image of respected
northern elements? What in God’s name do these northern
leaders stand to gain in this madness ravaging their region?
It is a statement of fact that most northerners are not happy
with what has become of their once peaceful and enviable
region. The north has lost its pride. Her economy is now in
tatters. Her children of school age can no longer go to the
schools for fear of being abducted or killed by terrorists.
Nigerians in the north now live in perpetual fear. It is simply a
case of sleeping with both eyes opened. This is how terrible
things have become in the north, yet, one garrulous individual
is adding more salt to injury through unrefined comments.
It is high time we called the bluff of this attention-seeker
whose mission is to cause confusion in the land he claims to love
and swore to protect. What are his missions? It is an open
secret that he has his eyes on the Nasarawa state Government
House in the 2015 polls. He is taking his political naivety too
far. Why make efforts to plunge the entire nation into
needless crisis just because of his personal ambition? We all
know he has no visible political structure back home in
Nasarawa. So, all he does is to use his present position as a
federal appointee to force himself into the minds of his people.
What a cheap way to gaining political prominence!
We cannot fold our arms and watch Maku and his cohorts
reduce Nigeria to rubbles. We all owe Nigeria our very best. It
is our responsibility to realize the lofty goals of our founding
fathers. The situation in Nigeria, the entire north to be precise
isn’t irredeemable. All hopes is not lost. Let’s all work against
Mr Maku and his co-travelers. This is simply a case of
sycophancy taken beyond the limit of commonsense.

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