Great Men Think Alike


Even with all the negative allegations of corruption and school  certicate forgery  surrounding Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu one cannot but admire his political sagacity and his eventual rise to the peak of National politics .
Jagaban as he is fondly called by his associates has proven that an individual  can change a system. At a time under the Obasanjo regime (1999 to 2003)Asiwaju became the only visible opposition before General Buhari came through as an opposition candidate of the ANPP in 2003.  Buhari lost out to the in that election and two subsequent elections which followed in 2007 and 2011. Obasanjo succeeded in removing all the Alliance of Democracy Governors in all the states of the south west except Lagos where Jagaban won a second term in office as Governor. He laid the foundadtion for autonomy of states which is the bedrock of true federalism. For five years the federal government witheld allocations accruing to Lasgos state because the Governor created more local government councils which where later known ad Local Government Development area councils which has now been adopted by most states.

I picked interest in Jagaban when as Lagos state Governor a billboard was erected by his supporters with the inscription “Great Men Think alike”. On the said billboars Asiwaju was pictured with Obafemi Awolowo and Mahatma Ghandi all of whom wore the trademark round lense glasses. I was curious to find out about the man who possessed the political thoughts of Awolowo and the non violence nature of Mahatma Ghandhi combined because among politicians these attributes were in short supply especially in Nigerian politics where psychophancy holds sway.


His days in exile as an arrowhead of NADECO meant that he needed to mobilise like minded people calling for an end to military rule under General Abacha who incacerated chief MKO Abiola winner of the annulled presidential elections in 1993 .Both Abiola and Abacha died in 1998.  in 1999  the military Government led by General  Abdulsalami Abubakar who succeeded Abacha voluntarily handed over power to a democratically elected Government headed by a retired General Obasanjo who won elections under the platform of the PDP.Recounting his struggles will take volumes of literature

Asiwaju became the brain behind the merger of opposition politicians in Nigeria under the APC which resulted into the greatest political upset in the nations polity, leading to the defeat of an incumbent president Jonathan of the PDP who lost the 2015 elections. This milestone has made Jagaban the undisputed political champion even though he is not holding any political  office. His prowess and tact in executing  the common sense revolution which occured has confirmed that he is truly an embodiment of Both Ghandhi and Awolowo.


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