Where Are The Insurgents

A BBC reporter on the eve of Nigeria’s  general elections asked the out going president Goodluck Jonathan a question regarding the fact that the military in its renewed onslaught had successfully liberated most of the hitherto occupied territory which formed the Boko-Haram caliphate without much resistance. Where did the insurgents go to ?
His response was that they must have reintegrated into communities or escaped to other countries in the sub region because of our pourous borders.
Before February 14 2015 Nigerians were inundated with terror. Hardly a day passes by without a report of a bomb blast or lunatics trying to take over state capitals within the North East.  Videos of Abubakar Shekau whom security operatives said they killed in 2013 were also churned out in rapid succession threatning to kill and destroy anyone who stands in his way. This was the situation for the past 2 years where terrorists where allowed access to armoured cars and high calibre ammunition to hold swat of territory in their so called caliphate. Conservative estimates indicate that over 20000 people where killed and over 1 million people displaced in the  violence unleashed on civilian populace,infrastructure  and security agencies  . Almost 20 LGAs and 2 federal trunk A roads were made inaccessible with those responsible for security giving all sorts of excuses to justify their apparent failure.
With the loss of elections by the PDP the attacks and threats seem to have fizzled away. Borno state which was the hotbed of the insurgency has not recorded a single attack in the last couple of weeks and the incessant  bomb blast in Northern  parts of the country have also waned.
This scenario gives room for us to ask the following question?

Where are the insurgents? Where is Abubakar Shekau the leader  of Boko-Haram terrorist who have been claiming the attacks in videos? Where is Danladi Ahmadu (secretary General ) of the group that negotiated a failed ceasefire which led to the death of thousands of citizens and soldiers. What happened to their ambitions of setting up a caliphate? Where are the thousands of  all those who were abducted by the group? What form of compensation  (if any ) should be paid to those affected? How will the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure ,settlements and communities be implemented? Will anybody be held responsible?

Answering the above stated questions will be a very good step in ending such a gloomy part of our history as people

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