Your Excellency Sir,

I humbly write to congratulate you on your well deserved position as Governor-elect of Adamawa state. It is indeed an accomplishment well deserving of an Adamawa indigene whose pedigree and family background has always lived with the people of Adamawa state in a positive light. Your victory at the polls was not just a victory for the people and democracy but a victory that came to conquer the embedded sentiment of religious, ethnic, money and gang politics among other socio-political ills which our state have long suffered. Sir, I as an indigene who has benefitted immensely from the resource of our dear state, i deemed it fit to chip in a word of advice limited to my knowledge and understanding of our beloved state Adamawa. Your Excellency Sir, your focal point of development in the state should be prioritized on Education which is and has always been the bedrock of development in every society.

Sir, I like to inform you that no amount of meetings, conferences, settlements, executive appointments among our religious and political groups can see to an end to this religious bigotry and ethnic jingoism. But I assure you that with a robust investment in primary and secondary education, where children all across the state will have free access to education in an enabling environment equipped with world class learning facilities for both students and teachers, well equipped game centers with trained coaches, equipped laboratories, standard curriculum, good welfare for teachers in terms of their wages and accommodation, provision of crèche and nursery classes to relieve nursing mothers thereby allowing them to contribute positively to economic development etc. with these provisions in place, the society will channel their interest, attention and energy on the development of their children/wards instead of bickering and paying attention to negative variables caused by geographical accident (religion and ethnicity).

Your Excellency Sir, sectors such as health, housing, security, agriculture, tourism, and other sensitive sectors such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) should be handled by professionals who have the desire to conduct research and add value to the development of the state. This cannot be achieved without engaging the services of Economists or an Economic Team that will guide, advise, appraise and valuate all economic activities in the state, identify programmes and projects with short-term and long-term benefits, define areas were cuts are needed in the budget estimation i.e. recurrent expenditure in order to cushion for a higher capital expenditure in budgetary allocation with a view to ensuring proper allocation of scarce resources among competing ends (This is most crucial). Internal revenue generation, exploration of mineral resource, independent power generation, outsourcing of funds and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are key to a sustainable economic growth and development in the state. Also Sir, your administration should focus on carrying out Institutional reforms at state level targeted at making life easy and beneficial to the people i.e. State health insurance scheme, pension scheme, state roads and infrastructure maintenance agency, initiation of executive bills to cater for the aged and disabled and other social security measures. Job Creation through strategic government expenditure and provision of a healthy business climate to attract of private investment into the state is inherent to human capital development.

Finally Sir, permit me to raise your eye-brow, looking towards the South of Adamawa you can see Gombe state and to the North, Borno state. These two states have set a good precedence for us to follow, no doubt their sitting governors returned peacefully irrespective of their political parties. Unbelievably Governor Dankwambo made it back through “TSUNAMI SAK”. The attributes or similarities that bind the Governors of these two states were their strong will to resist distraction and political interference from big-wigs in their respective states. This made them fdevelop a strong character and so they were able to demonstrate good governance and accountability married with provision of critical infrastructure for their people. Least I forget Sir, Adamawa state civil service has a long standing record of discipline and hard work and if properly utilized the sky will be the beginning of your administrations success. Your actions during the campaign described you as a friendly governor, thus, always extent a hand of fellowship to members of the opposition parties, utilize the teaming youth population and united we shall make Adamawa state a true LAND OF BEAUTY.

Long live Adamawa State!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Yours sincerely

Mohammed A.T
Deputy National Cordinator North
One Heart Initiative for Equity and Good Leadership

views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of blog author.


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