In recent times, having appraised situations in Aso Rock Villa and its slightly-over-year-old occupants, I deliberately chose to direct my flash light and their sudden CHANGE at the magnificent State House.
For a very long time, Nigerians hardly knew about the “First Family” until during the 2015 elections when they were, as expected though, to come to the limelight.
I was informed that the first wife of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) and the Late Mother of his older children: Zulaiha, was never seen in public during hia reign as Head of State in the 80s.
It is on records that neither the former Wife of the then General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) nor her children were ever a target of press and/or public “eyes”.
The marriage between GMB and Zulaiha ended following certain misunderstandings when he was released from jail under the military administration (in charge) of the President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB).
Many years after this avoidable and unfortunate incident, GMB (retired) went into public life and became married to the now “Wife of the President”: Mrs Aisha Buhari, whose union has been blessed with children, among which include (by popularity): Zahra, Yusuf and Halima.
In 2015, these Aisha-born children particularly Zahra and that of their Mother; Mrs Aisha Buhari, became the “apple eye” of Press in Nigeria and diaspora. Her social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter became a target of millions.
Sadly to say, this exposes the strange life of the Buharis especially when correlated with his popular principles on corruption, accountability, justice, fairness to mention but few. The whole situation became a vivid contrast to the life of GMB many have know him with.
It became quite glaring that indeed there is clear CHANGE between the then GMB and the current PMB. This is reflected not only in terms of his personal and/or domestic affairs but also in terms of style of leadership and manner of governance.
Some quarters attest that GMB had a strong personality and “power-behind-the-throne” in person of Late Tunde Idiagbon (of blessed memory) – GMB’s Deputy. A lot owe the success of GMB short but succesful government to the “Iron Man”.
Others argue that GMB operated under a military system where it is widely known to be “obey before complain” while PMB is now operating within the confines and provisions of constitutional democracy.
Bottom line here is that it is been established that indeed our dear President has definitely CHANGED from GMB to PMB, as evident in his recent antecedents.
My take here remains that our leaders must learn to separate personal life from official one. There has to be a demarcation between the two.
The high life of Zahra through her dresses, jewellaries, fashions, etc do not actually potray her dad’s humble and modest life.
There are equally some questions and concerns about the true sponsorship of PMB’s children schools in England (UK), considering the exhorbitant tuition fees, accomdation, living cost, etc of a Foreign Student in the UK, especially London where Zahra and her siblings are said to be studying.
Meanwhile, prior to May 29 2015 migration of Mrs Aisha Buhari from PMB’s humble home in Kaduna, she is only known to have run a business of a “Beauty Shop” situated at the Crocodile City: Kaduna.
Many times, there are strong allegations that surely the First Family are involved to a larger extent in the running of affairs of the nation.
Yusuf was seen many times to have joined his dad; PMB on official trip even to as far USA. Another relative of PMB by name Tunde is serving in an official capacity to PMB. Certain PMB in-laws from a Kazaure Royal House are known to have taken (alone) all the appointments due to Jigawa State. There also similar situations in Adamawa State, the hometown of Mrs Aisha Buhari. Also, an elder family member of PMB living in Kaduna is known to be a very strong force in the current administration. Some in-laws (again) as well as long time friends of PMB from North Eastern Nigeria, especially those from Borno State, are evidently among the alpha and omega of the current PMB administration. All these among others do not really potray PMB in a good light. They give room for unnecessary wailings, allegations, doubts, suspicions and so on. These, to frankly modest and sincere, could have simply and easily be avoided by our very own and dear PMB.
Zahra and Halima on the other have now been known to be the second-in-command for their mum. They are practically at every “official” and/or social functions chaired by their mum; the Wife of the President – Aisha, on a capacity yet known to many as me.
The US family of Barack Obama are on the contrary to the Nigeria First Family. Mrs Michele Obama and her (also) three (3) beautiful daughters live a quite adorable, low key and humble life, despite the fact that their political and social status as the Strongest Person on the Planet who governs the World’s most influencial Country.
The recent story of Sasha Obama gives me inspiration and makes me to believe thatbthe Obamas could actually serve as Role Models for the PMB’s Buharis.
As culled, indeed, Sasha Obama: What a beautiful girl, a wonderful story, I mean.
Sasha is working in a Fast Food restaurant to earn a living and to meet up with her day to day needs that all teenagers and students face. She is just 15 years old and the daughter of a seating president,  the most powerful man earth. 
It is quite inspirational to witness how the seating president is coaching a daughter to stand on her feet. Sasha neither slobbered over Daddy’s Office and connections, nor dribbled over  Mummy’s stashed loot or alluring Sugar Daddy and other sundry sources. No, she must earn her keep.
Imagine that all our politicians and our ruling elites, or even our humble selves, emulate this. That the Obamas have not looted a dime for Sasha to fall back to nor an oil well to scoop from. That the Obamas were only keen to show Sasha the primacy of work ethics and earning to look after herself.  And incredibly, Sasha is doing so by working in a food restaurant, and thus in a manner appreciative of how the most ordinary men and  woman  go about their daily life.
Above is simply a hallmark of humility on the part of the Obamas that should be celebrated by looking up to it. Keeping our Sashas on the right side of skilling, by letting them venture out and fend for themselves. is a preserve for posterity.
Keep it up Sasha. //ASM

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