This is to inform All Angry, Vexed, and Frustrated Nigerians that on Monday, 22 May 2017, the OurMumuDonDo movement will commence a one-week online rally for all Nigerians to vent their frustrations about the current preposterous state of things in the country.

The battle against criminally-minded politicians with audacious capacity for impunity and insatiable appetency for looting and impoverishing the nation has just begun. This battle is a battle between good and evil; a battle between the oppressors and the oppressed; a battle between the forgotten men and women in the slums who cannot afford one meal per day and the voraciously greedy looters we call leaders in positions of power; it is a battle between the struggling shoemakers on the streets and the seemingly untouchable politicians in Agbada riding ostentatiously in their criminally acquired fleet of exotic cars. The OurMumuDonDo campaign is a campaign to declare open the war between nationalism and criminality.

For too long, the masses have been promised good governance but failures and an unimaginable surge in the number of political criminals have been the only result. For decades, the youths have been appellatively called Future Leaders but the real leaders we have had are the incompetently recycled elements flagrantly running a gerontocratic government. Don’t be under any form of illusion, there is no “we” in Nigeria… There is only “us” and “them”. The only system in existence in Nigeria is the system that glorifies the criminal haves and demonizes the suffering have-nots.

Savages with capacity for incredible savagery have rendered the common man helpless, hopeless, and abjectly impoverished. They have turned our collective national wealth to a national cake for the oppressive minority. However, we have decided to stand against the oppressive rule of our grandfathers and old men in power. We, the suffering and disenchanted peoples of Nigeria, must catalyze the end of the prolonged era of gerontocracy with audacious looting and criminality. We must catalyze the end of the prolonged era of propaganda with no positive result in governance and the life of the common man. We must collectively and defiantly say that enough is enough! Enough of the failed promises and oppressive rule. Enough of seeing the same faces with no changes. Enough of glorifying criminality and demonizing nationalism. The time to fight for the survival of the suffering man and woman in Nigeria has arrived. There shall be no going back because every suffering Nigerian must speak up this time.

Starting from Monday, all genuinely concerned Nigerians must dedicate their hearts to wherever their strength lies. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp, Snapchat or Telegram, the only conversation we want you to be part of is the #OurMumuDonDo conversation. We want you to own the conversation and talk about the abysmal state of things in the country and where it pinches you the most. Together, let us stand and demand good governance.

This is not the time to propagate the political sentiments, religious sentiments and ethnic sentiments created by our common enemy. We will fight because we must. We will win because failure isn’t an option. We will not be discouraged because we believe an injury to one is an injury to all. Our goal is a country where genuine leaders occupy positions of power. We shall no longer endure the era of scammers and riff-raffs. This is the time to come together and make Nigeria a better place for ourselves, our children, and the generations yet unborn.

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