Look at Nigeria’s future through the eyes of its youth and you will know the country has no future. First the Nigerian child who will be the Nigerian youth in twenty years to come is not attending primary school. About twenty million Nigerian children are roaming streets without attending primary schools,according to UNICEF figures. The Nigerian youth from age 30 that make up half of the 182m population are either illiterate, half baked graduate or unemployed. They are putting a severe strain on a nation that is suffering from a slowing economy and declining revenue. Nigeria is failing to provide enough schools, employment and health facilities for its most important demographic group.

Truth is the Nigerian youth is poor,desperate and hopeless because the system made him so. There is no free and qualitative education in Nigeria, so the youth ends up either not going to school or coming out as half-baked graduate. The Nigerian youth cannot start business because the banks will not give him start up capitals. There is no electricity to power the business. His business plan must include a generator that he cannot afford.

By contrast,the Nigerian old man has been lucky all his life. He was born to a system that was working. He had free and quality education within and outside the country. He received immediate employment after graduation. His wealth is not about brilliance or hardwork but being around for so long to understand the system and exploit it to his advantage. Almost all Nigerian rich made it from the country’s weath, by stealing its money to the exclusion of Nigerian youth.

The rich kid

The Nigerian youth born by the Nigerian rich man is a lazy child not prepared for the challenges of modern life. He is born by thieving parents that pampered him with all the luxuries of life. He has nothing to work for and has nothing to contribute to Nigeria. If he gets into government he wrecks and steals the treasury. The salaries of civil service is below his status. What will a child that receives pocket money of N5m do with a pay package of N70,000 a month? He simply adopts the lazy approach of waiting for his father to die and inherit his wealth, a wealth he wastes through vanity and ostentation.

Nigerian child raised in a good system contributes to the growth of his society, his adopted country.

Example we have seen the Nigerian child born in US or UK that went through excellent educational and occupational system that sees him excelling in various fields of human endeavors.

The Nigerian David Oyelowo,the Selma actor and black James Bond was born to Yoruba parents in London, England. In his 20s, David enjoyed a very successful career on the London stage, receiving his formal training from the London Academy of Drama and Music Art.

John Boyega, Hollywood’s new kid on the block was raised by Nigerian parents in Peckham, South London. He started acting in school plays from an early age right down to his late teens when he trained at the Identity School of Acting, Hackney. Before his huge breakout role in the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, he acted in the film adaptation of Half of A Yellow Sun, written by fellow Nigerian, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Notably, he was an acquaintance of Damilola Taylor, the Nigerian schoolboy in England who was gunned down in 2000.

Duro Olowu, the US First lady Michelle Obama has this talented Nigerian-born designer to thank for her signature flowery prints. Duro was raised by a Jamaican mother and Yoruba father in Nigeria before being shipped off to a boarding school in London, England. He was a huge fan of fashion from an early age, but his parents were against it as a career. Fortunately, he won them over, and has enjoyed major milestones in his career ever since – a partnership deal with popular US brand, JC Penney in 2014 and the honour of designing the White House in 2015.

There is Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi. After winning Nokia Face of Africa competition in 1998, the black beauty has graced the covers of Italian Vogue and ELLE, with features in Nylon, Marie Claire and Allure magazines. She is considerably one of the most sought-after models of her generation, and now manages upcoming talents with her agency, OModels in South Africa.

Hakeem Kae- Kazim spent the early part of his life in Lagos, before moving to London for training in the Briston Old Vic Theatre School. He went ahead to act in a range of well-known movies like the thrilling Hotel Rwanda, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End and X-Men Origins.

There are thousands examples of Nigerians that made it from young age when exposed to a system that is convalescent to success. The mentioned success stories would have ended up hawking satchet waters or selling groundnut on Nigerian traffic but for the intervention of superior support systems outside the country.

Our country Nigeria is too harsh,too dangerous that was so raped by its leaders for the youth to make any meaningful headway in life.

If the Nigeria wants its child to excel,the template is there from other nations to copy. Dehumanizing and Insulting the Nigerian child will not make them succeed. Denying the youth education and employment will destroy Nigeria in the long run.

All the violent crimes manifested in kidnapping, terrorism, banditry, armed robbery are committed by the Nigerian youth. He commits the crimes because he has been abandoned by the society he lives in. Nigeria has no future because its youths have no future. Things will always get worse in the coming years.