We love paying lip service to serious issues like security. Even in the Epicenter of the 11 year insurgency nothing seems to have changed. We are still using the failed tactics that has ensured the perpetuation of violent crimes. We must think outside the box.

1. All public spaces like mosque,church,market,hospitals, bus stations etc must be made or helped to set up security doors(like the one in Airports).

2. An integrated National CCTV security surveillance camera network Must be put in place with each state having its command control center linked to a central command center under the office of National security adviser. NSA

3. The Community policing policies of the Federal Government should be implemented by local Government Areas enlisting 200 unarmed constabulary for surveillance and intelligence gathering. These constabulary will not carry guns but can have tasers and batons. They will not have powers of detention instead they can arrest and hand over to the police or civil defense corps who will serve as the supervisors of the constabulary.

4. There’s the need to standardise our checkpoints by having a single design at specific points i.e (two in each senatorial district making 218 check points) or (two in each local Government area making a total of 1488 check points) all inter connected with high tech security systems for surveillance and intelligence gathering . All security agencies will have at least five officers at each point for seamless collaboration and serve as rapid response squad in answering distressed calls in their jurisdiction.

5. Adopt and implement a National Emergency toll free line(112 is being on the works) to enable citizens report suspicious or criminal activities. These calls from citizens will then be transmitted to the rapid response team in the reported jurisdiction for response.

MQ 9

6. Aquire sixMQ 9 Drones (one for each geo political Zone) which cost $70m per piece making a total of $420m. These drones have weapons systems that will give support to the Rapid Response Squads in the states if necessary.

In concluding,it is pertinent to point out that all the above solutions cannot work in isolation. Even when holistically implemented the dangerously high level of youth unemployment(30million) and number of out of school children (12 million) must be addressed to solve the problem of insecurity without which future insecurities will be of greater dimension.

We cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results.