Refinery repairs or Houses: We must redefine our priorities

Despite our revenue sources and the fact that civil servants are made to contribute to a National Housing Fund withdrawn at source from their salary, Government has failed to provide adequate decent accommodation for the bulk of the population including civil servants who are made to pay exorbitant rents despite their meager salaries.

The last major National Housing program was during the Shagari Administration 1979 to 1983. The Shagari low cost housing scheme built at least 1000 houses in each state and 100 in each LGA.
(not the 40 or less houses built in each state as obtained at the moment).

If the $1.5 billion budgeted for repairs of port Harcourt Refinery is utilized in a National Housing program at least 10,000 houses (at the cost of N2 miliion per house) will be built in each of the 36 states.

The refineries are obsolete and a new one can be built at the rate of $1.5bn(shell sold a refinery recently at $1.2bn) link below


so why repair what’s an obsolete refinery with the same amount you can build or buy a new one at a cheaper rate?

Our non functioning refineries has gulped so much money in turn around maintenance , overhead cost and salaries without refining a single product because we still import refined products.

Government is constitutionally mandated to provide decent accommodation for citizens but not constitutionally empowered to keep wasting funds on refineries.

We must redefine our priorities and put the welfare of citizens at the top to ensure social cohesion thereby curtailing the rising Insecurity


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