It is as if God has abandoned Nigeria because Nigerians are on a daily basis being fed with news of gruesome crimes committed by seemingly Normal people.

According to the Theory of general causes of violent crime research papers there is a correlation between income distribution and violent crimes with emphasis on income inequality which is a major economic problem in Nigeria where over 60 percent of the population live in abject poverty with Northern Nigeria having 13 million out of school children and high levels of adult illiteracy which perpetuates a circle of poverty. According to the researchers

•Income inequality is one of the sources of aggression and violent crime in human society.

•Income inequality can be a more important driver of violent crime than a nation’s climate.

•Countries’ intentional homicides can be explained by the level of income inequality alone.

•Income inequality is a general cause to explain violent crime between countries.

•Income inequality may overpower the role of hot weather to explain the level of violent crime.

From the foregoing it is very glaring that the rising tides of Banditry,kidnappings and surge in violent crimes is an issue which cannot be tackled by the use of force but rather a systematic economic approach is required with emphasis on employment generation and provision of social security.

When the public education system was collapsing we found solace in so called private schools which are now worse off than the public schools. They usually have appealing brochures and structures but lack a curricular on morals,civics and qualitative modern courses relevant to present day realities. Just recently UNICEF gave a scary assessment of Nigeria’s education system which all stakeholders must rise up to Adress. An Educated mind easily finds economic emancipation.