I have always viewed the culture of moving in convoy as the hieght of profligacy and impunity. How can over 20 cars be attached to a single individual who goes everywhere with all the cars? Madness. This is the favourite past time of our political leaders. There was a time in Nigeria when even the president was moving with a single car but all this chsnged with the assassination of General Murtala Muhammed who was killled on his way to work. Murtala even lived in his own house not dodan barracks the then presidential villa.
Am not writing this because a popular activist(iyayi the former ASUU president) was killed by the kogi state  governors convoy no and this is not the first time convoys kills innocent citizens. Far from it, Countless Nigerians have lost lives and limbs from the reckless way convoys of political office holders move recklessly on our roads.
There is a psychology among protocol staff responsible for vip movements who believe that once you are in a convoy you can behave any how believing you have the right of way above other law abiding citizens. We so much love the convoy craze that our celebrations(Nigerians LOVE celebrating ie suffering and smiling) are not complete until a convoy is included in the build up to the main event.
The convoy craze has crept into our weddings, burials, house warming or even birthday celebrations. Most Nigerians have had an thing experience either of being in a convoy or share the right of way with a convoy. Its always a story of high speed and lack of regard for rules of driving and road use. Convoys can drive against traffic because law enforcement officials will normally be responsie for clearing the way.

It might interest you to know that even the queen of England does not move with a convoy So if those who colonised us are not misusing convoys where did we get the idea from?
I believe the convoy craze is in the root of the impunity bedeveling our society. A citizen who feels   more entitled to have more rights of way than his fellow citizens because he occupies public offfice will also feel superior in all matters. Why will u need 20 cars to be following you all over the place?

Corruption:  (in the contracts for supply and maintenance of the cars in the convoy).like we heared recently some of the cars in these convoys are armourd and very expensive -NCAA, oduah, choscharis ,Bmw for minister comes to mind.
  psychophancy: a lot of jobless yes men bearing rediculous  titles like adviser ,
S.A, ADC , Chiefs of staff, chief of protocol, chief of  press,  P.A  etc are given the opportunity to populate the convoys, in most cases they form what is known as the kitchen cabinet or cabal. Their primary responsibility is to agree with their principal in all matters and also make him to believe he is a demi god who can do no wrong.

Roger:Any nigerian who says he doesnt know what roger is should have his head examined. It is the procedure where security operatives fleece citizens of cash in the name of providing security. The more you are willing to ‘drop’ cash will determine the size of security details you can move about with. As far as you can service the greed of the most senior officers who also move in convoys the junior ranks will be attached to you even as domestic aides. Its not strange to see policemen doing the work of chefaurs like holding handbags and phones of ogas wife. Dont even talk about the convoy of the wives because they now seem to have overtaken their spouses in the convoy bussiness.
Vip movements (in convoys) may lead to the closure of some routes for hours just to ensure that only the convoy of the v.i.p follows the route in a whole day. Am not talking about suburbs here imagine that wall street in New York will be closed to traffic because the wife of mr president is going there to say thank you to the ladies who supported and voted her husband. Yes in Lagos broad street can be closed down at the whimps and caprices of a single v.i.p’s convoy. Enough said.
A law shld be made to ensure that no individual should use more than 3 cars in a single convoy. He/she can use buses to caterfor his aides and carry plenty people so he /she can move around with all his freinds and family all the time, but he should be made to understand that all citizens have the same right of way and convoys are an infringement of the right of others . Some other time I will write about siren craze