WHY? Questions about Boko Haram By: Peregrino Brimah

WHY? Questions about Boko Haram

By: Peregrino Brimah

In the aftermath of Boko Haram’s killing of over
2000 innocent Nigerian civilians in Baga, Borno
state, it is necessary to ask certain pertinent and
pressing questions:
What is Boko Haram’s real agenda? If Boko Haram
wishes to establish a caliphate in Nigeria, why would
they kill the very population that they intend to
preside over?
Baga at Nigeria’s border with Chad is almost 100%
Muslim. Why would a so-called Muslim terrorist
organization exterminate Muslims?
Why did the Boko Haram terrorists in the Baga
attack go after and kill even fleeing residents?
Does this mean that Boko Haram’s agenda is total
annihilation of the northeast and perhaps the
north of Nigeria?
Why does Boko Haram burn every building in sight?
Does this mean the terrorists are not interested in
occupying or utilizing any structure or
infrastructure in the occupied territories? Are they
then after the land and its ecological and
agricultural resource?
Why does Boko Haram kill the local farming
population? The terrorists then in need of food
invade markets and livestock farms in neighboring
Cameroon to get food. What is the logic here?
Why has Boko Haram never spelt out a clear
Why does Boko Haram abduct boys and girls from
Muslim and Christian homes without discrimination
to be used as sex slaves and as conscripted
soldiers, without care for the local populace which
they ultimately must depend on for food, and who
they need to make any kind of successful campaign
against the Nigerian army and Nigerian state?
Why does Boko Haram carry out acts and release
videos that are desperately intended to provoke
and invite western/foreign intervention in Nigeria?
Why does Boko Haram willfully remain ambiguous,
never spelling out a clear objective or aenda, but
accepting whatever new agenda the global media
suggests? For instance the claim of a caliphate only
came up after ISIS declared one and the global
media began to say that Boko Haram wanted one
too somewhere in Nigeria. The global media has
suggested other interesting stories like –an agenda
to divide Nigeria, to “Islamize” Nigeria, to
introduce Shariah—later edited to, to introduce a
stricter form of Shariah, etc, and the terrorisms
have never corrected or denied these western
media made-up propositions.
If results points to objective; is it reasonable to say
that Boko Haram’s agenda, as their actions clearly
spell out is simply annihilation of the populace and
occupation/annexation of the land?
Apart from selling kidnapped children, and looting
towns, where does Boko Haram get its funding?
Why have the Nigerian and Chadian governments
not been able to identify its source of massive
Why has Boko Haram never attacked Chad?
Why has Boko Haram never gone below the Niger
River? Throughout its six years in existence, the
terrorists have limited their attacks exclusively to
the north of Nigeria.
Why has Boko Haram never attacked, killed, or the
attempted to kill a single Nigerian wealthy cabal or
top government official? Why have the terrorists
only killed peasants, the poor, the faithful and
religious leaders in the north who all polls their
Why does the Nigerian government deal with Boko
Haram with kid gloves?
Why does the international community turn a blind
eye to Boko Haram terror?
Why do Chad and Niger harbor and support Boko
Haram terrorists?
Why is the president of Chad Idriss Deby a
supporter and sponsor of Boko Haram as several
media articles have shown? What is Idriss Deby’s
interest in Nigeria’s north? Why do his aides supply
Boko Haram weapons and why does he help to
supply them funds in hostage dealings?
Is Boko Haram sponsored by Chad to disrupt Oil
Exploration in shared oil reserves it is draining at
the Nigeria-Chad border as Chad has been accused
of doing/sponsoring unrest identically at its shared
oil abundant border region with the Central
African Republic, CAR?
Why did Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan,
Ali Modu Sheriff and Chad’s president, Idriss Deby
set up and announce the fake ceasefire to allow
Boko Haram regroup and perpetrate more
dastardly acts of terror on the people of Nigeria
and Cameroon? It is noted that Senator Ali Modu
Sheriff is heavily invested in Chad oil and Nigeria’s
current present and former leader (Olusegun
Obasanjo) have reportedly been introduced to the
thriving oil business in Chad by Sheriff.
Who is the Chadian, Abu Mahjin and where is he?
Who is Khalid Al-Barnawi of Harakatul-
Muhajiriina Wal-Mujahidiin and why is he never
mentioned by Nigerian security press?
Who is the Boko Haram contact that always sets up
meetings in Saudi Arabia, and what is the role if
any of Saudi Arabia in Boko Haram?
What is the role of France in Boko Haram and why
is the French Media the terrorist’s main
propaganda channel?
Why do France and America continue to support
the president of Chad in spite of the various
clearly recognized atrocities he commits, sponsors
and supports in Nigeria and the Central African
Republic, CAR? Do the resources of the lake Chad Basin have
anything to do with Boko Haram? Is a competition
for the dwindling water of Lake Chad, the oil in
the Chad Basin, the fertile land of the northeast
the reason for Boko Haram terror?
Why has the Nigerian government lied that they
would arm that patriotic civilians to defend
themselves but refused to do so?
Why have the world powers failed to sanction and
punish the Nigerian government for continuing to
allow and protect Boko Haram and its campaign of
terror in West Africa? We see their response in
other areas of conflict is starkly different.
Why do the global media continue to spread a lie
that Nigeria is divided between a Muslim north and
Christian south, whereas them off has states that
are almost completely Muslim and the southwest
has more of its states largely Muslim; making any
idea of a really just divide totally impossible along
any given line.
Why did the former National Security adviser of
Nigeria, Andrew Azazi killed in a helicopter crash,
and MEND leader Henry Okah accuse the Nigerian
PDP leadership of being behind bombings and terror
in the country?
Why have the western world failed to arrest,
sanction, or in any other way reprimand a single
Nigerian, African or other politician or leader for
links to Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnati Lid-Da’wati Wal-
Jihad (‘Alal-Haqq) of Sheikh Bukar, Shekau’s
Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnati Lid-Da’wati Wal-Jihad,
aka- Boko haram, Ansorul-Muslimiin Harakatul-
Muhajiriin and other terrorist organizations
operating in Nigeria?

Why did Nigeria’s government never declared Boko
Haram leaders wanted until after a private
organization Muslims Against Terror did so in
August of 2012; and in the same vein why did the
United States never prescribed Boko Haram,
Ansaru and other leaders till after the Chibok
abduction in 2014? Additionally, why did Nigeria’s
president fight hard to block the listing of Boko
Haram as an FTO, foreign terrorist Organization?
Why does Nigeria’s military leadership refuse to
fight Boko haram, and always allow the group
access to weapons, intelligence and escape routes?
What are Ali Modu Sheriff and rtd. General
Azubike Ihejirika’s roles and connections to the
terror? Why did the former chief of the army
continue to allow the transfer of weapons to Boko
Haram without court-martialing a single soldier in
his four year tenure? Why did the former army
chief disband the efficient joint task force, JTF
right when victory was in sight and replace it with a
docile army division 7 when he abandoned the war
against Boko haram and allowed them to regroup
in open assembly in Sambisa forest, to re-colonize
Why is the global media blackout on Boko Haram
maintained, regardless of atrocities committed by
the terrorists and in some occasions like the
current instance of the Baga 2000+ massacre—the
worst terror tragedy of the current decade, by
conveniently re-directing of global attention to less
grievous issues in colonial nations. Are these
coincidences or intentional? And is there possibly a
sinister agenda or is it just that black lives do not
And finally, why has the Goodluck Jonathan
administration never in its six years arrested a
single politician, cabal or other top level official
tactical of sponsor of Boko Haram (despite
President Goodluck Jonathan confessing that he
knew who these people were in his administration)?


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