From the Archives: General Aliyu Mohammed “Die-to-rule” Gusau Exposed As Top Boko Haram Sponsor –

“During the civil war, we knew and we could even predict where the enemy was coming from. You can even know the route they are coming from, you can even know what calibre of weapon they will use and so on.
Some continue to dip their hands and eat with you and you won’t even know the person who will point a gun at you or plant a bomb behind your house.

On January 8, 2012 president Goodluck Jonathan announced that Boko Haram has infiltrated his government.

When president Goodluck Jonathan made this shocking revelation that Boko Haram members and sponsors are in Government he was referring to Dasuki.

President Goodluck Jonathan today admitted that members of the extremist Boko Haram sect have succeeded in infiltrating his government, planting its members in government agencies and security outfits.
The president made the assertion during a church service at the National Ecumenical Centre as part of the annual Armed Forces remembrance day celebrations.
The deadly sect has become Nigeria’s biggest security challenge, operating in an amorphous manner and bombing innocent Nigerians at random, even in churches and mosques.
Government has so far been unable to contain the sect, halt its deadly activities and arrest what appears a slide to anarchy.
An obviously helpless Mr. Jonathan said he believed Boko Haram had sympathisers in government, national assembly and even security agencies.
He lamented that the Boko Haram threat was becoming worse than the Nigerian civil war in which over a million people were killed.

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