The visit to Zamfara State in 2014 was at once frightening*, sobering and demoralising. Though seated in a sprawling parlour with massive chairs, we were all unconsciously in a huddled position, as the then Secretary to the State Government explained how he abandoned his farm and ranch because of cattle rustling and fear for his personal safety. Zamfara was at the mercy of the elements and it was impossible to deploy law enforcement agents, even for himself, in any meaningful way. He talked about the humiliating experience some of the men were often subjected to by the bandits. They would take a man’s cattle and probably some of his wives and then still make him drive the cattle for quite a distance into the wilderness for them, before allowing him to go back home, alone.

Our visit to the state agricultural and animal husbandry project revealed some of the neatest looking cows and animal any of us had ever seen. There weren’t even animal droppings in the place. Why would cows in a local facility be looking like they came from a car wash? Then it hit some of us: the animals, not more than seven in number, were procured on the day of our planned visit and stationed for our viewing.

We eventually met with the governor. My first question to him before things became somewhat more formal was whether he was related to Sule Lamido, the Jigawa State governor. The physical resemblance was not just striking but totally and mercilessly so. He answered in the negative and observed that he has had to answer that question more times than he could remember. The man did not resemble Lamido in his performance in office, though. A visit to Jigawa State revealed a great contrast. The foresight, robust planning and incredible infrastructural strides of Lamido will leave you with one question: “what was this state before Lamido’s tenure.” But let us not digress.

The Zamfara State governor’s comments about his state and the misfortunes of his people centred around “derivation,” as a lot of gold was mined in the state and carted away while his people were ravaged by poverty. He said that “Abuja people” and other big men and their Chinese collaborators controlled the place. There was also talk about *heavy gold hauls* on several fronts, including occasional use of helicopters for minor quick evacuations on Thursdays. It was also a sorry tale of lamentations when we met his commissioners, who all seemed not to really have anything to do. It was written all over them. The ones we tried to engage in brief private banter about their portfolios had little to say. Their being called together to meet with our team from the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies was like a major international event.

*The smell of death hung in the air everywhere* at the once-vibrant textile mill in the state. It had enough electricity generating capacity to serve the entire state but, like the textile mill itself, the generators were severely underutilized. It was producing nothing, except for some bales of raw cotton it was milling for some local farmers. Listening to the very professional gentleman who gave the history of the mill, its capacity, its impact on unemployment and the local economy before it went under, left everyone with goose bumps. He lamented the decades of neglect. He also had a detailed breakdown of what it would take to revive the textile mill. But he had no answer to the competition from cheaper imported materials, especially from China and Korea.

The dam in the state was in a grievous state of neglect. It had been for decades. It displaced more people and communities than was anticipated by the original Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that preceded its construction. But most of such the displaced persons were not compensated. The swathes of lost farmlands, homesteads and local economies wrecked by all this was a matter of indifference to the powers that be, even at the time. There was this eerie air about the entire state, as there were only very few people on the streets at any time of the day. Shops rarely opened before 9.30a.m and would close sometime around 5p.m.

Then we visited Bukuyum, one of the holy lands of Zamfara’s gold production. The place was dull, drab and dreary. The few local people around had an inexplicable wan look about them. *You could touch the poverty in the air.* Then were taken to the local government headquarters to wait for the local government chairman. He arrived nearly an hour later in a whirl of dust. As he emerged from his impressively brand new Nissan Armada SUV, impeccably well dressed in high profile Agbada and looking every bit like an emperor from some foreign land, I knew that all might not be well with the people of Bukuyum and Zamfara State in general for a long time to come. This man was a stranger here, as defined by his lifestyle, but the people were happy to see him and clear the way for him.

We were well received, but we did not feel well about our reception. There were just too many tattered looking young and not so young adults everywhere. The refreshment we were given was raided partly by some hungry bystanders and by some of those who helped in serving the food. Whatever was available was appropriate for serving the food and some of us were advised to eat rice with our bare hands in the absence of enough spoons. We couldn’t. The scariest element of it all was that it all seemed very normal to the people from the area. *Such grinding poverty! Such disconnect from the 21st century! Such shameless leadership! Such reprobate guardians of the commonwealth!*
This is the state that registered only 28 candidates for admission into secondary school. Meanwhile only 24 Zamfara students passed the last National Common Entrance Examinations (NECO). Is this how the state will become part of tomorrow’s world? Some other northern states have a better record, with 50 and even more. *But how does the total number of registered candidates from the 19 states of the north make sense in an examination that registered nearly 25,000 candidates from 36 states and the FCT?*

And the relentless, daily killings are going on in all the northern states, while everyone thinks that power resides in the north today. It does not. Real power is seen in the level of living and social stability. *The northern political elite would seem to have been diligently digging its own grave for quite some time now, but without knowing it.* They have allowed a new breed of wild youths, not sufficiently socialised even in line with the ‘Ranka dede’ culture to acquiesce in want and deprivation, to become dominant. *Drugs, poverty, motiveless criminality and rapacious daredevilry have chased all the northern big men to Abuja*. But for how long will they be in exile? Is Abuja itself still safe? Are some high profile estates and exclusive neighbourhoods in Abuja not being quietly attacked these days?

*Property rates have crashed beyond measure all over the north*. Investors have fled. Local7 economies have collapsed. Re-desertification has taken over many places, as farmlands and animal husbandry are abandoned. *Proceeds of crime have become the new means of livelihood for a new majority,* who now pose a threat to the children and peace of mind of those who had the chance to make a difference but failed to do so. *No one can see it clearly enough for now, but it is there*. A mocking skull and demeaning emptiness! An unchartered malignancy that can best be described as *a sickness unto death*.

I listened with a mixture of dismay and consternation to a former, very highly respected, National Security Adviser at a stakeholders event he convened in Abuja on the herdsmen and kidnapping menace now plaguing the nation; and particularly North. He told us about his several meetings with kidnappers on various major routes and how they explained to him why nobody could ever come after them in the forest and hope to get out alive. He talked about the *ready availability of AK47 rifles to every male* as from the age of 14, the fact that *kidnapping had become the quickest way of raising money* to buy more cattle and improve their social status – since your pre-eminence is closely tied to the number of cows you owned. But the elders in the place were now worried that the younger elders no longer listened to them and were doing things they would not have contemplated themselves. Thus that even their free-band society was collapsing before their very eyes.

What really killed it for the retired soldier was when it was time for the afternoon prayers. Majority of these “Muslims” did not understand why he called for prayers. He also observed that many actually did not know how to pray. That was when a dreadful realisation hit him. The people he had come to see were ethnic Fulanis and lived the traditional nomadic life. But they did not understand the concept of kith and kin beyond their small hunting bands and immediate offsprings. He was horrified. Spread out before him were *degenerate marauders* who knew nothing about modern statehood, law and order etc.!

And it is in the midst of the foregoing that we are speaking of the abatement of the madness in the land? How? The late Abubakar Rimi would probably still be alive today if he had not encountered his ‘brothers’ on a lonely road in the dead of night. He spoke to them in Fulfulde. He even tried to reason with them about the wrongness of their _“line of work”_. Did they listen to him? Did they not still rob him? Was it not out of some inverted respect that they spared his life, after warning him to keep his preachment to himself as they were simply trying to _“make a living”_ and feed their families?

*The North is in trouble* – and the rest of the nation with it. A region that has the highest allocation from oil revenue, the highest earnings from tax mostly paid by other regions, the highest earning from bunkering and the highest earnings from the illegal mining of gold and other natural resources, is ravaged by poverty, underdevelopment and a *burgeoning population of unemployable youths.*

Is this right?
Is this normal?
Is anyone paying attention – *as the North goes under*?



The Scandal from Zamfara By Reuben Abati

We owe our colleague and compatriot, Kadaria Ahmed a debt of gratitude for leading a group of Zamfara stakeholders to bring to local and international attention the mayhem and chaos going on in her home state of Zamfara State, which resulted in the killing of innocent Nigerians, the disruption of mining activities and the reign of what can best be described as sheer madness.
The video on the Zamfara protest has since gone viral, with the intrepid journalist, daughter of Zamfara, Kadaria Ahmed calling out the Governor of the state, and the President of the Federal Republic. The image of Ms Ahmed, standing out there un-cowed, unbowed, courageous and outspoken, with an orchestra of men hailing her and urging her on is an image that will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come. I salute Kadaria’s courage and heroism.
We need more persons like her. Persons who can stand firm in the face of tyranny. Persons who can lead citizens to positive action. Persons who can call a spade by its name. Courageous men and women who can expose the idiocy of executive arrogance. I am particularly proud that Kadaria is one of our own. Media men and women often get blamed for the malfeasances of others. All over the world, they are treated as victims and fall guys: it was refreshing seeing one of our own standing again at the barricades to defend in the field of action, one of the finest virtues of the journalistic trade: the capacity to speak truth to power. Thanks, Kadaria, for giving Nigerian journalism and the tradition of activism a necessary shot in the arm, at a time the push was most needed. This daughter of Zamfara, this beautiful daughter of the North West, had fought on behalf of the people of Borno, Benue and Plateau and the missing girls of Chibok and Dapchi. When it came to the turn of her own people, it was good to see her taking to the barricades and standing firm. She says she has not been able to visit home for about a year.
She speaks for many Nigerians who are on exile in their own country. They can’t visit home because their homesteads have been turned into killing fields. It is not all the people in the Internally Displaced Camps in the country that represent the full population of displaced persons: there are many others who are stranded within this country who can not go home out of fear and despair, many of our compatriots from Borno, Benue, Plateau, Barkin Ladi and other parts of Southern Kaduna and Adamawa are stranded, they can’t go home, not anymore, and yet weekly or monthly, they receive sad tales about their relations who have been killed or abducted or their sisters who have been raped and murdered. In the video in which Kadaria Ahmed featured prominently, a distraught lady reported that her brother has been abducted in Zamfara and the villains are asking for a ransom of N200 million.
Kadaria Ahmed adds that the Governor of Zamfara state is “the most useless Governor in the history of Nigeria”. This may be a very harsh assessment, which speaks to the depth of her feelings and anger. But many Nigerians can relate to that. There are many Nigerians who consider the Governors of their state, useless, irresponsible, and indeed, stupid. Ms Ahmed was drawing attention to a major Nigerian malaise: the failure of leadership which results in sundry social crisis and the over-prioritisation of politics over and above good governance and common sense. According to her, the Governor of Zamfara State, Abdullaziz Yari has since abandoned his responsibility as Chief Security Officer of Zamfara State. We we were told he gave up that function. He resigned. Candidly, what kind of man abandons his people to their fate?
We were also told that Yari spends most of his time in Abuja. Many Nigerians can also relate to that. Nigeria is supposed to be a Federal system. But we have this unfortunate system where state Governors spend more time in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, shaking tins and begging for hand-outs from the Presidential table. Other levels of government in what is meant to be a Federation are at best beggars, seeking a share of the national cake. When a state gets a bad Governor, he practically relocates to Abuja, to promote the culture of sycophancy and slavishness. I may not agree that Abdullaziz Yari is the “most useless Governor in the history of Nigeria”- the word history is too ennobling- nonetheless, I can name at least two other Governors that I consider more useless who may not necessarily fall into the framework of “Nigerian history” but let me say that I know one thing: Kadaria Ahmed is very truthful and blunt.
In that video that has now gone viral, Ms Ahmed also called out the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. She reminded him that the buck stops at his desk and he has a responsibility and a duty to defend the interest of the people of Zamfara state. She told him that the people of Zamfara state voted for him in 2015 and gain in 2019, and they deserve his attention. This our sister sef? She was practically calling the President of Nigeria an ingrate! Kadaria! But the rhetoric worked. It had to take a protest by Kadaria Ahmed a few straggling men, and others, cowering behind an alpha female, calling out everybody for President Buhari to take notice of the crisis in Zamfara state. And what did he do? He issued a statement from Jordan, where he is attending a conference on the Middle East – how does that really concern us, the lazy wonks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not yet told us- but the President tells us that he is the “one of the unhappy leaders in the world.” How pathetic.
Our President is “one of the unhappy leaders in the world!” Ha. Please fetch me tissue paper. I need to clean my tears. If the President is looking for the meaning of sadness, he should visit the families in Zamfara, Birnin Gwari and Kakangi who have lost their loved ones. He should go to Benue and Plateau states and find out what is going on, He should go to Southern Kaduna and feel the people’s pains. He should go to Sokoto and find out what has gone wrong. We are definitely not talking about his own happiness here. We are talking about the happiness of the Nigerian people and their right to decent, safe and secure livelihood. It is the duty of the President to discharge that responsibility and lead all of us to what he himself and his campaigners call “the next level”- whatever that means.
I have an idea: President Buhari is probably the only Nigerian President since 1999 who has curiously and surprisingly retained dead woods in his team for four years. He should as he seeks to constitute a new cabinet, sack all his service chiefs and re-jig his cabinet. They may be his kinsmen or friends, but they are not helping him. He needs to do something drastic about the Nigerian security architecture and the governance team as well. He The office of the President is not a place for a functioning Godfather and an avuncular presiding officer. President Muhammadu Buhari must think out of the box if he is serious about moving this country to “the next level”, and let us make this additional point, with due respect: some of the ideas and initiatives that President Buhari needs will not come from the compromised APC henchmen that he surrounds himself with. I don’t want to imagine how Kadaria Ahmed will describe these henchmen. She is so independent-minded she may just conclude that they are weak and incompetent, and there will be enough evidence to prove her right. But what the heck, Kadaria, these same men got the President a second term! And you too have been accused, most recently of being a Buhari promoter!
But by the way, the Nigerian government has since taken notice of what is more popularly known as the #MarchforZamfara protest. The President has issued a statement. He needed to be prompted to do so! The security establishment and the Nigeria Police have also said that they are extending something they call “Operation Puff Adder” to Zamfara state. Whoever throws up these names must be a comedian. We have heard of Operation Python Dance. Do pythons dance? We have heard of Operation Crocodile smile? Do Crocodiles smile? And now Operation Puff Adder. I beg. There is serious humanitarian crisis in the troubled states of the North East, the East and the North Western parts of Nigeria. It is about time the Nigerian government realised that we are talking about human lives. These days, when Nigerian authorities announce that 60 persons died in Sokoto and 50 were murdered in Zamfara and five others committed suicide in the South West, or five husbands killed their wives in the Mid-West, they make it sound like it is small number, out of 200 million, but hey, when will our government at all levels begin to realize that every Nigerian life matters? This is the strong message Kadaria Ahmed and her likes are putting across. Don’t tell them to bugger off. And I say: all the male chauvinists who have been attacking her on social media should go see a shrink.
My take: Operation Puff Adder sounds like a knee-jerk response. As for Governor Abdullaziz Yari, he should just keep quiet. Whatever he says can be further used against him. And when President Buhari returns from the luxury trip to Jordan, he should visit Zamfara state and other troubled parts of Nigeria to publicly demonstrate his “unhappiness”. There has been so much talk about the role of foreign miners in the Zamfara crisis. Can we just be reasonable for once? The problem in Zamfara is not about foreigners. It is about us, about Nigeria – the failure of leadership, the idiocy of the governing class and the dividing lines that continue to make this country so pathetically vulnerable. As things stand, it looks like the government of Nigeria only responds to emergencies when people go out to protest. This is the ultimate take-away from the #MarchforZamfara protests.

Halin Talakan Najeria Da Shugabanchi daga Zakareeyya Abdulkareem Ibraheem

Idan kana son ka gane cewa mu Talakawan Nigeria, Allah Yaa zaɓa mana shugabanni daidai damu ne, ba zaka sha wahala ba!
Duk wani masallaci, za kaga an yima Amplifier keji, da rodi an saka makulli an rufe.
Duk wani masallaci zaka ga an yima Agogo keji an saka makulli an rufe, Saboda gudun Sharrin Talakan Nigeria.
Generator wanda yake baiwa masallacin wuta, sai an masa cikakkiyar adanawa, tare da saka masa kacha, asa makulli a kulle. A wasu guraren Saboda gudun sharrin Talakan Nigeria, a hakan duk ba’a tsira ba ana sa ran za’a iya sacewa!
A mafi yawan Masallatai, da zaran ka cire takalmin ka masu kyau, ka barshi a qofar shiga Masallacin, to zaka koma gida da qafarka haka kuwa don za’a sace maka shi.
Haka nan kullum zaka ji labarin an sace Motar wane a Masallaci, an sace Mashin din wane, to wanda ya sace abu a masallaci ka fada min abunda ba zai aikata ba na laifi?
Babu wa’azin da yakai mutuwa, domin idan kaje maqabarta gawarwaki ne kwakkwance, tsofaffin kushewa, da sababbi, yara da manya, maza da mata, amma Talakan Nigeria har a maqabarta bai daina yin sata ba!
Mau ginin kabari ya baiwa mutum Amanar riqon wayar Salula, ya hana, ya riqe wayar ayi cikiyar duniya ba zaka ji wanda yace ga wayar ba لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

A Wasu gurare har kayan aikin tonon Qabarin ake sacewa Diga ko Chebir.
Kaje Qauye kayi karambani kace zaka gwada yin Noma. Idan ka dora wani Talaka dan uwana akan harkar noman naka, zaka ga yadda zai cinye amanar ka.
Saboda satar mashin, Talakan Nigeria yana yima mutum yankan rago, saboda ya qwace ma wani mashin kawai لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
Lebura mai yin gini zai sace Simintin da suke yin gini don ya sami kudi saboda tsabar ha’inci, Kanikawa ma hakan take.
Malaman makarantun kwana idan an kawo musu abincin ɗalibai daga gomnati su sace abincin su sayar da wani su kai wani gidajensu, su dinga ci da iyalansu, Idan magani aka kawo domin ɗalibai su sace su sayar, لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
Ka bude shago ka dauko wani talaka bayan ka zuba hajah, ka dora shi a kan dukiyar ka kaga yadda zai ci amanar ka.
Azumin watan Ramadana yana dab da zuwa ‘Yan kasuwa Musulmai zasu qara ma kayan masarufi tsada saboda Musulmai su shaa wahala dan kawai su sami kudi. لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
Amma a haka muna son shugabanci ne irin Shugabancin Qasar Saudiyya😣!

Yadda mu Talakawan Nigeria halin mu da ɗabi’un mu suke, Irin halaye da ɗabi’un Talakawan Qasar Saudiyya kenan?
Duk yawan mu bamu kai ‘yan China yawa ba, amma suna jin dadin rayuwa, domin yadda Talakawansu suke, haka shugabannin su suke, Allah baya zalinci!!!
Duk me son ya girbe Dawa, to ya shuka dawa👌
Ba yadda za’ayi mu talakawan Nigeria mu kasance:
Marasa tausayi
Marasa kishin qasa, sannan kuma Allah ya bamu shugabanni ba barayi ba, ba maha’inta ba, masu kishin qasa, marasa mugunta☝!!!
In banda Allah mai tausayin bayinsa ne, hakika, Allah Yaa tausaya mana ma, tunda Ya bamu shugabanni irin wa’yannan, wadanda idan zalincin su yafi haka, bai kamata muce komai ba saboda yadda suke haka muma muke, wani lokaci gara halin shigabannin ma bisa ga halin mu.
Ba lokacin da mu talakawa muke tuhumar kanmu, kullum tuhumarmu kan shugabannin mu take tsayawa, bayan mune silar samuwan Azzaluman Shugabannin saboda zalincin mu!
Idan Talakan Nigeria ya sami wata dama, zalincin da zaiyi, Wallahi wasu shugabannin ma ba zasu yi ba!
Bamu da aiki sai yawan qorafi kan shugabanni kuma munqi mu gyara namu matsalolin. Matsalolin shugabannin mu muke leqe muke hange, wanda hakan yasa muje zaune cikin qasqanci da wulaqanci.

Matuqar bamu sauya daga yadda muke ba, haka shima Allah ba zai sauya mana ba! إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم

Idan da wanda ya san wata qasa a duniya wacce talakawa suke aikata irin abinda mu Talakawan Nigeria muke Aikatawa kuma Allah yabasu Shugabanni masu kirki ya fada mana wannan qasar a duniya muji, wacce qasa ce???
Dan uwa zan baka Assignment ka zauna kai kadai kayi tadabburin duk wata qasa a cikin wannan duniyar Wallahi za kaga yadda Talakawan Qasar suke haka Shugabannin su suke Allah baya zalinci, Duk gonar da aka shuka shinkafa to shinkafar za’a cire, Yadda ba wanda ya taba noma Doya ya tono Dankali, haka zalika ba yadda za’ayi Talakawan Nigeria a irin miyagun ɗabi’un mu Allah ya bamu shugabanni ba masu mayagun ɗabi’u ba!
Mu Talakawan Nigeria mun maida Al-amarin gyaruwar Nigeria ne kan Shugabannin mu su kadai mu banda mu, a haka muke son qasar ta gyaru ba tare da gudunmuwar mu ba.
Shi yasa qasar take yadda take jiya, yau Wa’yanda suke Mulkarmu a yau idan muka duba ba wasu sababbi bane, wa’yanda suka mulki iyaye da kakannin mu sune yau suke mulkarmu har yanxu ba sauyawa akayi ba, Gobe da jibi sune zasu mulki ‘ya’yanmu da jikokinmu idan sun mutu ‘ya’yansu ne zasu ci gaba da mulkar mu!

Talakawan Nigeria, Qalu Balen mu!
Wallahi idan bamu gyara ba haka qasar zata ci gaba da tafiyar Hawainiya Jiya tafi yau Yau tafi Gobe.
Yaa Allah ka gyara mu, Ka bamu ikon gyara halaye da ɗabi’un mu, Ameen🙏
Allah Ka shiryar da Shugabannin mu suma su gyara Ameen.🙏🙏🙏

Journey with me into the mind of a maniac: Quotes from Brenton Tarrant hate Manifesto The Great replacement

*I also expect an
eventual Nobel Peace prize.As
was awarded to the Terrorist
Nelson Mandela once his own
people achieved victory and took
I expect to be freed in 27 years
from my incarceration, the same
number of years as Mandela, for
the same crime.

*I am an Ethno-nationalist Eco-
fascist. Ethnic autonomy for all
peoples with a focus on the
preservation of nature, and the
natural order.Make your plans, get training,
form alliances, get equipped and
then act. The time for meekness
has long since passed, the time
for a political solution has long
since passed.
Men of the West must be men
once more.

*Democracy is mob rule
and the mob itself is ruled by our
enemies. The global and
corporate run press controls
them, the education system(long
since fallen to the long march through the institutions carried
out by the marxists)controls them, the state
(long since heavily lost to its
corporate backers)controls them
and the anti-white media
machine controls them.
Do not suffer under the delusion
of an effortless, riskless
democratic victory.
Prepare for war, prepare for
violence and prepare for risk,
loss, struggle, death.Force is the only path to power
and the only path to true victory.


Violence isn’t the answer, why
are you using force?
There is no nation in the world
that wasn’t founded by, or
maintained by, the use of force.
Force is power. History is the
history of power. Violenceis
power and violence is the reality
of history.Wake up.No two different
things can ever truly be equal,
especially humans. There is no
one person equal to any other,
not identical twins, not
countrymen, not workers within
a class group and certainly not

*those of differing races. Every
human is worth only their own
value, no more or less.
The more diverse a group
becomes, the less equal it
becomes. Diversity is an athema
to equality. One cannot exist
with the other.

*Death is certain, you may die in
service to some grand crusade or
pass away in a hospice, either
way you will die.
What matters is your actions
during the brief time between
birth and death. The worth of
your life is not measured by the
length of your life, but your actions during it.
Ask yourself now, are you
willing to shirk your racial
responsibilities? turn your back
to your people? ignore their
demise? All in the hopes of a
peaceful death?
Accept death:as it is as certain as
the setting of the sun at evenfall.
Only when you embrace death
and the only thing you will have
left to fear is inaction.

*your people will beset upon you,
on all sides. The media will paint
you as villains, the state will
name you as traitors, the
globalist forces will name you as
criminals and the traitors
amongst your people will name
you as enemies. You will be
infamous until victory is
achieved. Take it with a smile.

*We could deport or otherwise
destroy the entire population of
invading non-Europeans in a
week, if we as a race we chose to.
We have the ability,we only
need the will.

attempt to vote your way out of
Ethnic replacement will be met
with at first with derision, then
contempt and finally by force.
This solution of a Democratic
salvation is nothing but a pipe
dream, and as our enemies
increase within our lands, driven
by mass immigration andthe
invaders own higher birth rate it
will be pushed further and
further into the realms of impossibility.
The media of the world will be
used against you, the education
system of the rulers will be used
against you, the financial power
of the worlds corporations will
be used against you, the military
and legislative might of the UN,
the EU and NATO itself will be
used against you and even your
own, previously corrupted,
religious leaders will be used
against you.

*Democracy is mob rule and the
mob itself is ruled by our own
enemies. The global and
corporate ran press controls them,
the education system(long since
fallen to the long march through
the institutions committed by
the marxists)controls them, the
state(long since heavily lostto
its corporate backers)controls
them and the anti-white media
machine controls them.

* Crush these traitor NGOs, kill
their leadership, burn down their
buildings,bomb their ships, tear
down their posters and destroy
their membership. Drive them
from your lands and give the
traitors what traitors deserve: a
traitors death.
Do not fret on the manner of
how victory is achieved, all
methods are possible, in the face
of ethnic genocide, all morality
is ambiguous.
Win first, write the story later.

Still groping in darkness – Thisday editorial

Almost six years after the privatisation of the power sector, Nigerians are yet to know the difference between the old discredited regime of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and the new one managed by the “euphoric” investors. This is despite the best efforts of the current Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola. Across the country, there is hardly any part that does not experience power failure on a regular basis.
In most places for several days and sometime, weeks, many people have no access to electricity to lighten the burden of living. Lack of electricity also limits their access to healthcare, education and other opportunities, including running their businesses. Many small and medium scale businesses have been crippled due to the prohibitive cost of generating their own power. Even the big business ventures, particularly the manufacturing ones, are also feeling the biting effect of energy poverty with consequences stretching to every part of the economy. This perhaps makes the country one of the toughest places in the world to do business.
Last week, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in Aba threatened to disconnect power supply to houses whose landlords vowed not to pay bills until their houses were metered. The grouse of the power consumers, according to their leader, Chief Alphonsus Udeigbo, was that “the federal government told them (Discos) to give customers pre-paid meters because people are supposed to pay the worth of their consumption. They have been using us to meet their inordinate targets and we are agitating for payment of the worth of power supplied to us which is not what is happening to us right now.”
One of the main challenges in the power sector today is consumers being billed for what they do not consume. That was what compelled the House of Representatives to pass the Electricity Power Reform Act (amendment) Bill 2018 which prohibits and criminalises estimated billing. The proposed law, which has been transmitted to the Senate for concurrence, compels all electricity distribution companies to give prepaid meters to applicants within 30 days.
Aside the squabbling between the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the electricity Distribution Companies (Discos) over the Eligible Customer Scheme (ECS), the power being generated from the national grid remains insufficient. But the main challenge is that of tariff. Today electricity is a commodity that can be made available at any place at different prices and at what the users are ready to pay. If the users are looking for electricity for economic purposes they are likely to pay for the right price. If the villages are to enjoy electricity for the most part of the day on government account, then there must be a structured regime of subsidy to account for that.
The federal government seems to have abandoned the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO). In fact, most of the stakeholders in the sector complain that the power reform has practically been put on hold since 2015 because the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is reluctant or unwilling to complete privatization of the industry. Whatever may be the problem with the owners of the Discos, it does not help that they cannot adjust price to cover cost. With enumerated data of customers, the mass market can be separated and subsidized while commercial houses and industries should at least be made to pay the economic price of electricity they consume.
The challenge is that we are still not able to read the trending dynamics of power supply and management systems in the world. And until we do that, Nigerians will continue to grope in darkness both in practical and metaphorical terms.