President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Is An Unmitigated “Badluck” Infection For Nigeria: Vote Him Out On March 28

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is an
unmitigated “badluck” infection for
Nigeria: Vote him out on March 28, 2015
His Name is Goodluck Jonathan but his
presidency has been an unmitigated
badluck infection for Nigeria – Law 10 of
the 48 Laws of Power: Infection: Avoid
the Unhappy and Unlucky
According to Law 10 of the 48 laws of
“The infector possesses an inward
instability that radiates outward
drawing disaster to all that they touch.
How to Recognize an Infector:
1. They draw misfortune upon
2. They have a turbulent past.
3. They have a long line of broken
4. They have an unstable career.
5. They have a forceful character that
sweeps you up and makes you lose
6. They have a desire to destroy and
unsettle and is chronically dissatisfied.
7. Look at the effect that they have on
the world around them.”
Although his name is Goodluck but as
Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka said
“everything that GEJ touches turns to
When he was Bayelsa State Governor his
badluck enveloped the Bayelsa state
government in a cloud of corruption that
cost the Governor of the state his job
and led to GEJ taking over as Bayelsa
State Governor. When he was the Vice
President to President Umaru Musa Yar
Ardua his unlucky aura led to the death
of his boss and he became President.
Before he commenced the privatization
exercise of PHCN most parts of Nigeria
used to enjoy 12 hours of power supply.
After his badluck enveloped PHCN after
the privatization exercise PHCN can now
barely supply 30 minutes of electricity
per week. Now Power Generators have
become the only source of power supply
in Nigeria.
When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the
education sector strikes by lecturers and
non-academic staff became the order
of the day. When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit
our petroleum sector crude oil prices
plummeted. A multi-billion dollar Petrol
and kerosene subsidy scam became a
permanent feature of the oil sector.
When GEJ’s badluck infection hit our
daily crude oil sales, Nigeria began to
lose 500,000 barrels per day to oil theft
perpetrated by his greedy wife, Dame
Patience and their ex-militant mentors
who he awarded multi-million dollar
contracts for the supply of war ships,
military hardware for the military and
pipeline protection. These were the same
militants that stole around 700,000
barrels per day of Nigerian crude oil
during the MEND insurgency.
This translates to a loss of over N19
trillion over a five year period to
Nigeria. GEJ’s badluck infection also led
to the loss of over $20b that is yet to be
accounted for by the GEJ administration
which led to the sack of whistle blower
and CBN Governor at the time Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi who is now the Emir of
When GEJ’s badluck wrecked havoc on
Nigeria’s Excess Crude or Rainy Day
Account and our Foreign reserves it took
the former from a whooping $36 billion
to just $1 billion and took the latter
from over $60 billion to just $32b. In
the last 30 days alone the foreign
reserves were reduced by $2 billion.
When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the job
market the number of unemployed
graduates under his administration
quadrupled, with less than 10% of
graduates of higher institutions getting
hired 4 years after graduation.
When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the
Nigerian stock market it recorded
unprecedented losses the kind that
Nigeria has never seen before. This has
led to huge divestment by foreign
investors in Nigeria’s stock market.
Because GEJ’s badluck hit the sovereign
credit rating of Nigeria, Nigeria has
been notified of an impending reduction
of her sovereign credit rating to junk
credit rating. A combination factors are
responsible for this, including rising
internal and external debt burden of
Nigeria, failure of the United States to
buy Nigerian crude since mid-2014, a
non-diversified economy, plummeting
value of the naira, political risks
occasioned by uncertainty about the
outcome of the election which was
worsened by GEJ’s postponement of the
election via the instrumentality of the
service chiefs who were GEJ’s alter ego
in a move that one can call a civilian
coup d’etat against the will of the
Nigerian people.
When GEJ’s badluck descended on and
infected Nigeria’s national
infrastructure its ranking plummeted
and Nigeria became affixed to the
bottom of all known development
ranking league tables including those
put together by the United States’ State
Department, Mo Ibrahim Foundation,
the United Nations, the African Union
and various globally recognized research
institutes and foundations.
GEJ’s PR merchants have fabricated
statistics indicating that he GEJ’s
administration has rehabilitated 25,000
kilometers of Nigerian roads when in
reality they have not rehabilitated up to
1,000 kilometers of Federal Roads. GEJ’s
Special Adviser on media was so badly in
need of projects to claim for his boss
that he had to steal pictures of projects
or Federal roads completed by state
governments with state government
monies that the Federal government has
refused to refund. A case in point is
one involving a picture of the Northwest
University temporary site multi-storey
building which GEJ’s Special Adviser
passed off on Twitter and Facebook as a
University built by the GEJ
administration when in fact it was built
by the APC Government in Kano state
led and powered by Mr. Capital Projects,
Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who has turned
Kano state into a mini-Dubai in just 4
When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the foreign
exchange market the naira plummeted
and is now trading at N215 to $1. The
pounds sterling is trading at N315 to 1
British pound.
When GEJ’s badluck aura hit the health
sector, regular strikes by medical doctors
and nurses became a normal occurrence.
When GEJ’s badluck infection his the car
dealership business the cost of buying
imported new and used cars shot up to
between 50 and 70% of the purchase
value of the cars thereby putting the
ability to own a car beyond the reach of
many Nigerians who could afford to buy
them in the past. Those people are now
confined to a transport sector that is
comatose and which GEJ lied that he
would resuscitate with thousands of
buses for an elaborate mass transit
program which is one of the reasons he
set up SURE-P. The buses GEJ promised
are no where to be found.
When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the
aviation sector air crashes started
occurring again and unbridled
corruption took over the whole sector.
The aviation sector in Nigeria is ranked
as one of the worst in the world despite
the aviation ministry budgeting over $1b
for the sector. Almost all the monies
were stolen and substandard airport
rehabilitation projects were carried out
with most of the structures constructed
falling apart within weeks of their
construction. A case in point are the
rest rooms at the Murtala Muhammed
International Airport, Lagos as well as
the roads leading to the airport which
has become a source of shame to
Nigeria’s national pride. GEJ’s badluck
has brought shame on Nigeria.
When GEJ became the National Leader
of the PDP his unlucky aura overwhelmed
the PDP and the once formidable
political party began to fall apart with
many of its governors and ex-Presidents
dumping the party for other parties and
other tasks.
When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit Nigeria’s
war on corruption it died a natural
death. The EFCC and ICPC have become
a laughing stock among Nigerians who
now see it as an appendage of GEJ’s
presidency for the sole purpose of
relentlessly hounding the political
opponents of GEJ to submission. It is
under GEJ’s badluck aura that drug
barons and cross border criminals
wanted for their crimes abroad are
regional campaign mobilizers for his
reelection campaign.
When GEJ’s badluck hit the Pension
Funds in Nigeria as well as the UBEC
Funds it left in its trail a massive
corruption stench stinking to high
heavens and running into billions of
naira. When the culprits are taken to
court the badluck aura of corruption
perpetrated by GEJ arranges a slap on
the wrist judgment for them where the
judge imposes a fine of N250,000 on
them and tells them to go and sin no
more. GEJ’s badluck aura also makes
him pardon criminals convicted of
stealing government funds and making
them front line candidates for top
elective posts.
A case in point is that of the former
governor of Bayelsa State who was
convicted of stealing government funds
but was pardoned by GEJ and is now
running for a Senate seat. In his
campaign posters he wrote: “tested and
trusted.” Of course all discerning minds
know what he means. He means that he
has been tested and trusted by the
corrupt cabal in Nigeria headed by the
champion of the badluck aura, GEJ.
When GEJ’s unlucky infection swept
through the House of Representatives,
the PDP lost its majority to the APC.
When GEJ’s bad luck aura hit the
security sector unprecedented national
insecurity, the kind that this nation has
never witnessed took over the country’s
Northeast geopolitical zone.
When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the
armed forces the once feared and
respected Nigerian armed forced became
a shadow of itself to the extent that 14
Local Government areas and 5% of the
territory of Nigeria has been lost to a
rag tag army of extremists. Nigeria that
once rescued Liberia and Sierra Leone
from civil wars that appeared
intractable and is known to be a leader
in global peace keeping missions now
relies on poor African countries like
Chad and Niger Republic to help
safeguard her territorial integrity.
GEJ’s badluck infection has reduced the
Nigerian armed forces to an appendage
of the PDP and an enforcer of rigging
plans as witnessed in the Ekiti audio
tapes in which one Brigadier General
Momoh was recorded secretly by one of
his subordinates and in which he
indicted himself as being complicit in the
rigging of the Ekiti Governorship election
along with GEJ’s dream team of election
riggers including Adesiyan, Minister of
Police Affairs, Obanikoro, Minister of
Defense, Senator Omisore and Ayodele
Fayose, returnee Ekiti State Governor.
GEJ’s badluck aura enveloped the armed
forces to the extent that he
manipulated them to force INEC to shift
the date of the Presidential election
originally scheduled to hold on February
14, 2015.
Because of the GEJ’s badluck infection,
the army broke from its rich tradition of
respect for its retired Generals who
fought to keep Nigeria one by issuing a
press statement calling one of the most
respected and celebrated Nigerian
retired Generals, Aremu Olusegun
Obasanjo an embarrassment to the
armed forces.
GEJ’s badluck infection also hit the
Nigerian police force taking it to the
deepest abbys of indignity and shame
when it invaded the hallowed premises
of the House of Representatives late last
year because it wanted to help GEJ
execute a script that would have led to
the impeachment of the Speaker of the
House of Representative Aminu
GEJ’s badluck also infected the way
politics is played in Nigeria by
introducing religious and tribal bigotry
to a level or degree this nation has
never witnessed before.
GEJ’s unluck aura hit the umbrella
bodies of Christians, the Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)
and tore these umbrella bodies apart to
the extent that these once highly
respected bodies have become divided
from within and without. Most Christians
no longer see these Christian bodies as
representing them.
There are so many other sectors that
GEJ’s badluck or unlucky aura has
destroyed but all the readers of this
opinion piece will be able to identify the
other sectors not covered in this piece if
they look back at the failed presidency
of GEJ critically and objectively.
GEJ has all the features of a badluck
1. GEJ draws misfortune upon himself.
2. GEJ has a turbulent past.
3. GEJ has a long line of broken
relationships exemplified by his broken
relationship with those who tell him the
truth like General Olusegun Obasanjo
and a long list of ex-stalwarts of the
4. GEJ has an unstable career.
5. GEJ has a forceful character backed
by filthy lucre that sweeps the greedy
and pauperized off their feet and
makes them lose reasoning .
6. GEJ has a desire to destroy and
unsettle and is chronically dissatisfied.
7. GEJ has had a cataclysmic effect on
the world around him.”
As Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka
recommended in his watch night service
of 31st December 2014, Nigerians should
avoid the unlucky Goodluck Jonathan so
that the infection he has infected
Nigeria with does not increase in
geometric proportions. BUHARI/
OSINBAJO is the antidote to GEJ’s
badluck infection of Nigeria. On March
28th, 2015 vote out badluck and the
unlucky aura of GEJ so that a new
course of prosperity, law, order, and
national pride can be charted for
Let us use our votes to reset Nigeria!

views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of blog author.


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