There was a time in Nigeria when elected and appointed public officials lived a normal life without all the glamour,unnecessary priviledges and benefits. Most citizens expected that the present administration which came to power on the mantra of change will demystify the culture of waste associated with governance under the guise of protocol and security. The sight of the political office holders moving around in long motorcades with more than 10 vehicles in the fleet has become a norm rather than an exception.

The recent visit of Facebook CEO Mark Zurkenberg brings to the  fore the issue of waste associated with public office.As the sixth richest man in the world with a net worth of about $40bn Mark was seen moving around lagos freely, interacting with citizens. Infact he even found time to jog with other joggers without a retuine of security personnel following him up and down. Imagine Dangote doing same and you will realise that its virtually impossible. Out here even people with questionable character can move in company of gun trotting security agents if they have money to pay for their upkeep. 

Why will an individual need 20 cars and dozens of security and aides following him all over the place? Its even safer for an individual to move around freely without drawing attention if he uses a single car but because of our love for glamour every dick and harry must move around in convoys blaring sirens. 

The presidency is highly culbable in this culture of waste. A soldier is always seen standing behind the president for no apparent reason than being a baggage carrier for mr president.