This piece was written on January 7th 2021 after the Invasion of the US Parliament by Trump supporters

Once again Donald Trump has exposed his country and democracy to ridicule by refusing to accept that he lost an election, a further proof that no human system is perfect. Human endeavors depends on the need for key players to play according to prearranged rules and conducts. By insisting he won and election he clearly lost, Trump riled his supporters into the shameful invasion of parliament to disrupt the Joint sitting of the parliament which is a formality to confirm the electoral victory of Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential elections presided by his vice president as stipulated by law. This disruption will not change his loss yet he has debased his country’s standing and in the global community

The election results have already been certified by the states and all legal challenges by Trump(62 court cases) were defeated yet he continued to claim that he was rigged out using unfounded conspiracy theories, to incite his supporters while claiming victory

The lesson for Nigeria is that key players in governance and politics must stop the Trump attitude and obey the rules of the system for us to have peace and harmony. Any body can behave irresponsibly what distinguishes individuals is the ability to discern right from wrong based on God given conscience and the need for decorum and pursuit of truth in all our actions

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